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People queueing up for antibody tests in Plovdiv

Queues form in front of laboratories for antibody tests

The order by Health Minister Stoycho Katsarov comes into effect today, by force of which a green certificate will be issued for antibody levels of the IGg type for SARS-CoV-2 of over 150 Bau/ml.   This type of certificate will only be valid on..

11.11.21 19:16 |
Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov

Green certificate to be issued for antibody levels of over 150 Bau/ml

“As of Thursday, people with a given antibody level for SARS-CoV-2 will be entitled to green certificates, which will only be valid within the bounds of Bulgaria,” Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov stated at a briefing. People who have had..

09.11.21 14:52 |

Bulgaria registers growth in demand for remote jobs

Bulgaria keeps recording an increase in offers for remote jobs and their share in October was 13.5%. The increase compared to the previous month is 7%, and for the last four months this growth is 29%, according to a study of the dynamics of..

07.11.21 13:05 |
Prof. Kantardzhiev

Measures needed against counterfeit vaccination certificates

14% of those vaccinated in Bulgaria become re-infected with coronavirus. Measures are needed against counterfeit vaccination certificates. The hospitalized patients who have a document that they have been vaccinated against Covid-19..

04.11.21 14:09 |

The green certificate mandate is paying off: Deputy Health Minister

“The green certificate is working well and is paying off. We have data that the trend of the pandemic is turning. The 14-day coronavirus positivity rate is beginning to go down,” Deputy Minister of Health Alexander Zlatanov stated. European..

04.11.21 11:42 |

Sofia Administrative Court rejects appeals against anti-Covid measures

The Sofia Administrative Court has so far rejected more than 30 appeals against anti-epidemic measures, most of them related to the requirement for a green certificate. Citizens who filed the complaints claim that due to the lack of..

01.11.21 14:46 |

Hundreds of citizens protest in Sofia against green certificates and restrictions

Hundreds of citizens took to the streets of Sofia to oppose restrictive pandemic measures and the introduction of green certificates . The march of dissatisfied citizens, which started from the National Palace of Culture, passed near the Ministry of..

31.10.21 17:14 |

Social Minister: Not having a green certificate is not a reason for dismissal from work

Bulgaria's Labour Inspectorate has received numerous signals from workers who are under pressure from their employers to get vaccinated. On this occasion, the Minister of Labour and Social Policy Galab Donev stressed in an interview with BNR that people..

31.10.21 13:41 |
The protest in Shumen

Protests against green certificates break out in a number of regional towns in the country

The protests against the introduction of some of the anti-epidemic measures continue in some major regional towns in the country. In Plovdiv, the protesters gathered in front of the regional health inspectorate building to demand in-person..

30.10.21 17:33 |

A protest rally hinders traffic in Burgas

For the 10th day, citizens are on ptotest in Burgas against the anti-epidemic measures . A drive against the green certificate passed along the central arteries in the city. More than 30 cars were moving in a dense column under a cordon of police cars...

29.10.21 19:46 |
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