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Health Minister: The pandemic situation is grave but is still under control

 “Unlike the previous Covid waves, this time we made advance preparations. We have a plan, we provided medicines in advance, we are opening Covid hospital beds on a step-by-step basis, a sufficient amount of oxygen has been provided,” Minister of..

29.10.21 15:59 |

Hotel and restaurant keepers in the mountain resort of Chepelare organize protest over the green certificate

Hotel and restaurant owners in the winter resort of Chepelare in the Rhodopes organized a protest demanding changes to the anti-epidemic measures connected with the green certificate. In a declaration the protesters demand that antibody..

29.10.21 15:34 |
Minister of Labour and Social Policy Galab Donev

Stay-at-home restrictions for unvaccinated seniors are not being discussed: Social Policy Minister

“There are no discussions of banning unvaccinated people aged over 60 from leaving their homes,” Minister of Labour and Social Policy Galab Donev said for Nova TV, commenting on a statement made by the deputy minister of health that a partial..

29.10.21 11:46 |

Protests in Bulgaria against green certificates continue

For the fourth day in a row, citizens in the country's major regional cities have expressed dissatisfaction with the sudden introduction of green certificates. In Burgas, protesters blocked the traffic in front of the city's central bus stop for half an..

23.10.21 17:48 |

Patient organizations insist on a study of the immune protection of the population

Four patient organizations have called for a National Population Immunity Program for T-cell immunity, which experts say is the only way to prove long-term protection against the coronavirus.  According to the latest data, about 20% of the people in..

23.10.21 15:23 |

Bulgaria's green certificate system under huge cyberattack

In the last three days, the Information Services company responsible for the system for issuing green certificates has reported one of the largest cyberattacks against Bulgaria. The provided effective and modern protection of the infrastructure has..

23.10.21 15:12 |

More than a third of Bulgarian teachers are ready to leave the education system

With the introduction of a mandatory green certificate, 35 percent of Bulgarian teachers say they will leave their jobs, warns the trade union "Education" at Podkrepa Confederation of Labour.  In an open letter to the health minister about the..

23.10.21 13:35 |

Commission for Protection against Discrimination calls for changes in Green Certificate order

The Commission for Protection against Discrimination has called for changes in the order of the Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov. According to the commission, the protection of public health must be a national cause, but the measures applied..

22.10.21 18:02 |

Crashes of the Green Certificate issuing system reported

Crashes of the National Health Information System, which serves for issuing Covid-19 green certificates, have been hindering the process. The site his.bg is maintained by the Ministry of Health. Information Services denied that a hacker attack was..

22.10.21 17:30 |

TUs demand that some of the new anti-Covid measures be repealed

The two biggest trade unions in Bulgaria, the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions and Podkrepa, have demanded that Minister of Health Dr. Stoycho Katsarov repeal the requirement for medical staff at hospitals and care homes  to be allowed to go..

22.10.21 11:36 |
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