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Social inequality in Bulgaria is growing

In 2020, 70,000 Bulgarians, or 1% of the population, owned 18.3% of the gross domestic product, which is equal to more than EUR 11.25 billion . In 2005, they owned 11.2% of the GDP, or EUR 2.4 billion. The wealth of the richest Bulgarians rose five..

27.05.22 11:35 |

NSI: Government debt reaches 25.1% of the GDP

The General Government sector reported a deficit of EUR 2.8 billion, or 4.1% of the country’s gross domestic product, preliminary data of the National Statistical Institute indicate. The deficit in Central Government amounted to EUR 3.3 billion, or 4.8%..

26.04.22 18:07 |

NSI: Share of industrial production in Bulgaria’s GDP increases

In 2021, Bulgaria’s gross domestic product (GDP) increased with 4.2% year on year.  According to preliminary data of the National Statistical Institute, the share of industrial production and agriculture in the country’s GDP has increased. However,..

08.03.22 15:43 |

Bulgaria is the EU member state with the highest number of prosecutors per capita

Bulgaria is the EU member state with the highest number of prosecutors per capita and the highest ratio of government spending on prosecution to gross domestic product, Minister of Justice Nadezhda Yordanova said in connection with the decision..

17.02.22 14:14 |

Parties negotiating the future government discuss culture-related topics for 6 hours

“We Continue the Change”, the Bulgarian Socialist Party, “There is Such a People” party and “Democratic Bulgaria” continue the talks on the formation of a coalition cabinet with a discussion on culture-related topics. The participants agreed that up to..

26.11.21 10:45 |

IMF raises Bulgaria’s GDP growth forecast

The International Monetary Fund expects Bulgaria’s gross domestic product to increase by 4.5% this year, revising its April forecast for a 4.4% increase.  Bulgaria’s economic growth is expected to slow to 4.4% in 2023 and to 4.0% in 2023, reads the..

20.10.21 19:28 |
Bulgaria's Northwestern region

4 regions in Bulgaria have lowest economic level in the EU

In 2019, the regional GDP per capita, expressed in purchasing power standards, varied from 32% of the EU average in the Northwestern region of Bulgaria and in Mayotte, France, to 260% of the EU average in Luxembourg, data of Bulgaria's National..

04.03.21 19:22 |

Bulgaria’s GDP to decrease by 4% in 2020: IMF

Bulgaria’s gross domestic product is to decrease by 4% in 2020 and then regain ground with 4.1% growth in 2021 the International Monetary Fund forecasts in its latest World Economic Outlook report presented on Tuesday. IMF expects that inflation..

13.10.20 17:16 |

World Bank forecasts 4.3% growth of Bulgaria's GDP in 2021

The coronavirus crisis will shrink the global gross domestic product by 5.2% in 2020. For the Bulgarian economy, the forecast is a decline of 6.2% for 2020 and a recovery next year to a growth of 4.3%. This is data indicated in the World Bank's Global..

09.06.20 09:04 |
Bulgarian National Bank

Bulgarian National Bank: Bulgaria's government debt is 8.3 percent of GDP

The Bulgarian National Bank reports that the gross external debt of the State Governance sector at the end of February 2020 amounted to EUR 5 423.3 million or 8.3 per cent of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and decreased by EUR 4.3 million..

28.04.20 13:04 |
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