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2021 is a good year for grain producers

“The wheat yield in 2021 is 52% higher than the previous year when grain production faced a series of problems. Wheat production reached 7.16 million tons, which makes it the best year for the sector in Bulgaria since 2017,” Minister of Agriculture..

24.09.21 14:48 |

Bulgaria's Agriculture Ministry reports increased harvest yields in 2021

The average wheat yields in Bulgaria are 55% higher than last year, the Ministry of Agriculture has announced . Grain growers also report that the harvest is successful and the harvest is good.  Unlike 2020, which the drought turned into the worst..

27.07.21 09:55 |

The harvest is forecast to be good, but when will the rains stop?

It is already summer, and this is the season that largely determines what our bread will be like during the year. Times are changing, today the field work is fully mechanized and yet the days in late June and early July are filled with anxious..

22.06.21 13:50 |

50% decline of grain yields in eastern Bulgaria

Because of the drought, Bulgaria reports lower yields of corn and sunflower in 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture has reported. Just over 2.8 million tons of corn were produced on 572,417 hectares. The average yield of corn is 494 kg per decare...

09.12.20 11:34 |

Despite the drought Bulgaria will export 3.7 million tons of wheat

Despite the bad harvest in 2020, the potential for the export of wheat is good, indicates an analysis by the Centre for Agri-Policy Analysis CAPA. The forecast is that by next summer Bulgaria will have sold 3.7 million tons of wheat abroad...

05.10.20 16:14 |

Wheat this year is 25 percent less than harvest in 2019

Bulgaria has produced 4,627,000 tons of wheat this year, according to the final data of the Ministry of Agriculture. The average yield per decare is 393 kg, which is over 100 kg less than in 2019. The harvested area is 1,176,000 hectares...

04.09.20 10:15 |

How much will our bread cost?

Wheat harvesting is almost finished for this year and due to the climate conditions, the expected harvest in Bulgaria will be 1.5 million tonnes less than the previous year. A logical question that we can ask..

29.07.20 09:15 |

State stimulates sale of Bulgarian cherries

The State Fund "Agriculture" allocates BGN 1 million (511 thousand euros) under the de minimis scheme as an incentive for the realization of the harvest of Bulgarian cherries during the upcoming purchase campaign. Processing companies will receive..

12.05.20 19:40 |
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