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Bulgargaz had to buy Russian gas through intermediaries

Bulgargaz  had to buy Russian gas through intermediaries at higher prices because of the termination of gas supplies by Gazprom, Ivan Topchiysky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bulgargaz said for the BNT. In his words, gas traders are not..

04.08.22 10:55 |

Crisis headquarters to seek solutions to energy problems

An inter-departmental crisis headquarters has been set up with the task to "propose solutions to address the chaos in the energy sector", to seek security of gas supplies and predictability of gas prices. The crisis headquarters must..

03.08.22 19:41 |

Energy and Water Regulatory Commission requests information about the measures against a potential gas crisis

The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) has requested an urgent information from Bulgargaz, Bulgartransgaz and Balkan Gas Hub about the measures they have taken to prevent a potential gas supply crisis in the forthcoming winter heating..

20.07.22 16:07 |
Bulgaria’s Ombudsman Diana Kovacheva

Ombudsman Kovacheva asks Minister of Energy whether there will be enough gas in the forthcoming heating season

Bulgaria’s Ombudsman Diana Kovacheva requested information from outgoing Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov on the readiness of the public  supplier of natural gas to provide  the district heating companies and the final suppliers of natural..

18.07.22 18:35 |

Energy and Water Regulatory Commission: Price of natural gas increases with 32%

Following a decision of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, the price natural gas has increased with 32% for July to the tune of EUR 94.98 per megawatt-hour excluding taxes and fees. This is the price, at which Bulgargaz will sell gas to..

12.07.22 18:55 |

Price of central heating and hot water may increase with tens of percents from July

T he price of central heating and hot water may rise by tens of percents from July, Bulgaria’s Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov said at a sitting of the National Assembly Committee on Energy. In his words, the final decision will be made by..

19.05.22 19:29 |

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