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National Museum of Military History receives national and European recognition

Two projects of the National Museum of Military History received recognition from the Museum Exhibition Fair and European foundation Art Explora, the museum announced. One of the winning projects is the space "Scars of War: Sofia's Lost..

28.11.20 06:00 |

Little-known "History of Bulgaria" by Blasius Kleiner is back on the book market

For the first time the book of the Franciscan monk Blasius Kleiner, dedicated to the Bulgarian history, was published in Bulgaria in 1977. The monk's manuscript had spent a long time in oblivion in the archives of the Franciscans in Budapest.  It was..

28.10.20 20:28 |
Prof. Kiril Topalov

The Bulgaria-North Macedonia History Commission to hold meeting in Skopje

The Joint Bulgaria-North Macedonia Commission on Historical Affairs will meet in Skopje on October 15 and 16, said Prof. Kiril Topalov, who is a member of the commission. The minutes of the last meeting, held in November 2019, must be signed. There was..

08.10.20 17:20 |
The Roman Stadium in Plovdiv

Medieval warriors "take over" Plovdiv for festival of history

150 Thracians, Romans and Medieval Bulgarians, dressed in authentic clothing, will march from Central Square to the Roman Stadium in Plovdiv on 25 September. The event is part of the three-day festival “Plovdiv-ancient and eternal: history,..

21.09.20 12:49 |

76 years since September 9, 1944- a controversial date in Bulgaria’s history

Until 31 years ago, September 9 was celebrated as a national holiday in Bulgaria and a turning point that brought the Bulgarian Communist Party to power. Today, the older generations remain divided in their assessments of the communist regime introduced..

09.09.20 15:37 |

Bulgaria marks 135 years since Unification of Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia

On September 6, Bulgaria marks 135 years since the Unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia (which is part of today’s South Bulgaria and back then an autonomous region within the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire).   The..

06.09.20 04:05 |

Events that led to Unification of Bulgaria to be reenacted in Plovdiv

135 years have passed since the glorious date of September 6, 1885. Years in which, despite the difficulties in its history, Bulgaria has managed to preserve its sovereignty as a united and independent state. After the end of the Russo-Turkish War of..

06.09.20 03:25 |
Portrait of Vasil Levski by Ruska Marinova, 1957

A stroll to the holy places of Bulgaria’s Apostle of Freedom

Monasteries are often called the hearths of Bulgarian spirituality, guardians of the Bulgarian faith in the once despondent years of the Ottoman Yoke filled with persecution and humiliation. There is no shortage of historical evidence of..

18.07.20 05:35 |

Elena, the town they once called the “Bulgarian Bethlehem”

Elena, a Revival-time town located in the central Balkan Range, attracts visitors with its ecotourism and cultural tourism opportunities, but it also holds a gastronomical allure. The centuries-long history of the town can be read in its..

21.06.20 07:55 |
Photos: @BulgarianArchives

Archives State Agency presents 47 digital exhibitions

The Archives State Agency will not be opening its exhibition hall this year to mark International Archives Day with some kind of documentary event from the history of Bulgaria. Still, the emergency situation over the coronavirus epidemic affords..

09.06.20 13:32 |
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