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Albena resort

This year’s summer tourist season will be better than 2021: Dimitrina Goranova

This year's summer tourist season in Bulgaria will be better than 2021. However, it will not meet the expectations from the beginning of the year, because of the war in Ukraine, the President of the Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Travel..

21.05.22 14:51 |

“Weekend in Plovdiv” will take place despite pandemic restrictions

The 4 th edition of the “Weekend in Plovdiv” festival is bringing together the efforts of the people employed in the tourist industry for the development of the city as an attractive holiday destination, and promoting its cultural..

18.09.21 12:35 |

Bulgarians allot 630 euro on average to holidays: statistics

The average amount that Bulgarians allot to their holidays this year is roughly 630 euro, an international survey of the Bulgarian market suggests. The most favored holiday destination is Greece followed by Turkey, Italy and Spain. Eighty percent of..

30.07.16 10:46 |

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