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Professor Elka Konstantinova dies at the age of 90

Professor Elka Konstantinova has died at the age of 90. She was a prominent Bulgarian writer, literature scholar and politician, a person with significant contribution to the development of Bulgarian culture . Professor Elka Konstantinova was..

13.01.23 15:11 |
Vladimir Genov who is on hunger strike

Day 80 of protests: Man, 14 days into hunger strike, will not eat until Boyko Borissov steps down

Last night’s rain in Sofia brought fewer people to the protest demanding the resignation of the government and the prosecutor general on the 80 th day of protests. “There may be five of us in the square today, but tomorrow there will be..

27.09.20 09:40 |
Junction in front of Sofia University in central Sofia

Protests in Bulgaria continue with blockades in Sofia and other cities

Anti-government protests in Bulgaria continue for the 27th day. In Sofia, three key intersections remain blocked - at Eagle's Bridge, at Sofia University and the junction next to the presidency building. Five of the protesters have started a hunger..

04.08.20 19:22 |
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