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More than 50 illegal immigrants caught in Sofia in the past 24 hours

More than 50 illegal immigrants from two different groups have been caught in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia in the past 24 hours. All migrants are young men coming from Afghanistan, announced the reporter of the Bulgarian National Radio Nikolay Hristov...

01.09.21 17:47 |

Between 100 and 200 illegal immigrants attempt to enter Bulgaria every day

Migrant pressure at the Bulgaria-Turkey border has increased, announced the Border Police Headquarters in Elhovo. Every day, Bulgaria’s Border Police sends back to Turkey between 100 and 200 illegal immigrants who attempt to enter Bulgaria...

20.08.21 14:42 |
Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint

Police detains 6 illegal migrants in van

A border police officer has found six illegal immigrants in a hiding place on the floor of a van during an inspection of the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint , the Ministry of Interior announced. The vehicle was driven by a Turkish citizen who was..

14.07.21 16:40 |

Bulgaria reports significant increase in number of illegal immigrants

Between January and April 2021, the number of  illegal  immigrants  attempting  to cross the Bulgaria-Turkey border increased sevenfold as compared to the same period in 2020 , announced this country‘ s Border Police. A total of 3,978..

14.05.21 13:48 |

Twenty eight illegal immigrants hidden in cargo train detained in Bulgaria

Twenty eight illegal immigrants, including children, were detained near the railway station in Septemvri (South Bulgaria), the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior announced. The immigrants failed to present valid IDs. They were hiding in a carriage of a..

20.12.17 12:57 |

Bulgarian police detains 11 illegal immigrants

Police in Veliko Tarnovo have detained 11 Syrian nationals who entered the country illegally, authorities said. In a truck with  Turkish registration policemen discovered five men aged between 30 and 50 years, three women and three children.  After they..

12.06.16 12:46 |
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