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Bulgarian police detains 25 illegal migrants from Afghanistan near Vakarel

25 migrants from Afghanistan have been detained on the Thrace highway near the village of Vakarel, Sofia region. They had probably been abandoned by traffickers. Officals from the Ministry of Interior told the BNR that the refugees were spotted walking..

04.05.21 14:44 |

Slovenia detains migrants in Bulgarian mini-bus

Slovenia’s Police have detained 43 illegal migrants in a mini-bus with Bulgarian registration plates, Horizont channel of the Bulgarian National Radio reports. The mini-bus was stopped on Sunday evening near the town of Sežana, Southwest Slovenia...

10.08.20 16:12 |

21 illegal migrants detained in Svilengrad

21 foreign nationals, among whom 4 minors, have been detained by the border police in Svilengrad. According to border police information the men are Afghan citizens. Summary proceedings have been initiated. Two Bulgarian citizens have been..

05.07.20 17:22 |
Defence Minister Krassimir Karakachanov

Defence Minister: Everything is calm on the Bulgarian border

At the moment, the Bulgarian border is calm and there is no migrant pressure, although after the warming of the weather there have been separate attempts of groups to enter Bulgarian territory. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of..

12.06.20 17:33 |

Turkey detains 29 migrants in attempt to enter Bulgaria illegally

Turkey’s border police detained 29 migrants in their attempt to cross the Bulgaria-Turkey border illegally. The migrants are nationals of Iraq, Syria and Pakistan. They were divided into two groups and were hiding at different places near the..

10.12.17 14:13 |

Seven times less illegal migrants detained in Bulgaria in 2017 as compared to 2016

Seven times less migrants have been detained in 2017 in their attempt to cross illegally the Bulgaria-Turkey border as compared to 2016, Bulgaria’s Minister of Interior Valentin Radev announced. According to Minister Radev, this was mainly due to the..

06.10.17 12:58 |

40 illegal migrants detained in Sofia

40 illegal migrants, put up in one single house in Moderno Pregradie residential area in Sofia, have been detained during a large-scale police operation. The owner of the house is wanted by the police. 31 of the persons detained are adults,..

19.09.17 11:35 |

Belgrade registers sharp decline of migrant flow from Bulgaria

Serbia’s authorities announced that in the recent months the flow of illegal migrants from Bulgaria and Macedonia on Serbian territory has decreased sharply after that country deployed military and police staff to guard the state borders. A maximum of..

09.06.17 10:24 |

Interior Ministry issues instructions on how to protect lorries from entry by migrants

At a briefing in Sofia, Interior Ministry and border police officials presented a flyer of instructions on how to safeguard lorries from entry by illegal migrants. The initiative comes as a result of the heightened risk of terror attacks in all EU..

29.12.16 13:56 |

Bulgarian and US forces hold joint training aimed at stopping migrants from entering Bulgaria illegally

Special military units of Bulgaria and the USA are holding today a joint training at the special training center Tsrancha aimed at stopping illegal immigrants from entering Bulgaria. The military center hosted earlier this summer a military training..

09.11.16 10:28 |
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