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The story of Bessarabian Bulgarians who immigrated to Brazil in the early 20th century

Most of Bulgarian immigrants to Brazil in the first half of the twentieth century were actually Bessarabian Bulgarians. This is a fact that greatly impressed Maya Daskalova when she translated the book "Immigration in Brazil and Uruguay:..

17.06.22 14:22 |

Government denies rumours of secret admission of immigrants to Bulgaria

Deputy Prime Minister for Public Order and Security and Minister of Defence Krasimir Karakachanov has categorically denied rumours that there are airplanes secretly landing at Bulgarian airports, transporting illegal immigrants from European..

18.07.18 12:32 |

Reversing demographic crisis requires new emigration policy: Deputy PM Valeri Simeonov

To solve Bulgaria’s demographic issues efforts in the coming 3.5 years will be aimed at boosting birthrate, cutting youth emigration and promoting a new emigration policy. This was the answer of Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov to..

10.11.17 16:11 |

Police operations against illegal migration in Sofia held on daily basis

103 illegal immigrants were detained on Wednesday night in a Police operation in Sofia, the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior informs. The authorities are still checking the identity of the detainees. The Bulgarian Police has been holding similar..

08.09.16 13:31 |

47 illegal immigrants detained in Sofia’s Obelya district

47 illegal immigrants were detained in Obelya district in Sofia on Sunday. The authorities are still verifying their nationality. Later, the State Agency for Refugees will take care of the illegal immigrants. Currently interpreters are trying to..

05.09.16 12:30 |

Migration pressure continues

Twenty-six illegal immigrants travelling by car have been detained near Ahtopol on the Black Sea, the Ministry of Interior has announced. The immigrants - 9 men, 13 women and 4 children - do not have IDs and say they come from Iraq. The foreign..

09.08.16 11:26 |

Road accident with 21 illegal immigrants on Trakia motorway

A cargo vehicle with 21 illegal immigrants had an accident on Trakia motorway near the town of Karnobat, Southeastern Bulgaria. Six migrants were hospitalized with severe injuries. The road accident occurred on Saturday, but Bulgaria’s Ministry of..

25.07.16 10:49 |

3300 immigrants detained in Bulgaria since beginning of 2016: Philip Gounev

About 3300 immigrants have been detained in this country since the beginning of 2016, said Deputy Interior Minister Philip Gounev. Most of them submit applications to asylum, however in practice they disappear from refugee centers and try to leave..

24.04.16 12:17 |

1,336 illegal immigrants detained at Bulgaria's border in first quarter of 2016

The Bulgarian Border Police detained a total of 1,336 illegal immigrants in their attempts to enter illegally Bulgaria during the first quarter of 2016 , Director of the General Directorate of Border Police Senior Commissioner Antonio Angelov told the..

11.04.16 17:15 |

Gas gun shooting in Sofia in wake of Afghan immigrants brawl

A fight between Afghan immigrants in the housing district of Nadezhda, Sofia, has ended up in shooting. Three men and a woman had a brawl, and one of the men fired a gas gun against the others. No one was hurt in the shooting. Now the police are..

05.04.16 16:29 |

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