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Where does Bulgaria stand in Covid crisis management among the countries of Southeastern Europe?

How is the crisis caused by the spread of coronavirus affecting the economies and the healthcare systems of the countries of Southeastern Europe? The regional business platform SeeNews is monitoring the prospects of their future recovery...

12.08.20 14:50 |

Industrial production in Bulgaria continues to decline: Eurostat

In May 2020 industrial production in the EU increased with 11.4%, thus making up for some of the collapse registered in the previous two months caused by the Covid-19 pandemic . However, industrial production in Bulgaria in May continued to..

14.07.20 17:50 |

NSI: industrial production up, construction production down

In December 2017 industrial production in Bulgaria increased with 2% as comparted to the same month in 2016, the National Statistical Institute informs. Meanwhile, construction production fell with 4.1% year on year, NSI further announced.

08.02.18 12:36 |
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