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Exports to Ukraine give boost to industrial production in Bulgaria

According to Eurostat, Bulgaria is first in the EU in terms of industrial production growth with 20.2%. "This became possible because thefts were stopped and an end was put to racketeering and to the extortion of companies,"..

14.07.22 13:58 |

NSI: Business climate in Bulgaria improves

In June 2022, the economic situation in Bulgaria improved. The overall business climate indicator rose 1.4 percentage points as compared to the previous month, when it fell 0.7 points, the National Statistics Institute announced. The indicator..

29.06.22 12:09 |

What customers do with weapons bought from Bulgaria is their responsibility, Kiril Petkov says

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov denied that Bulgaria exported weapons directly to Ukraine. He pointed out that the decision made by the Bulgarian parliament to send only ammunition and humanitarian aid to Ukraine is being respected...

26.06.22 17:11 |

Bulgarian production on the rise despite crisis in EU

As a result of effects of the ongoing war in Ukraine, industrial production in the euro area and across the union contracted sharply in March. However, Bulgaria has witnessed a significant production growth. According to Eurostat data, Bulgaria..

13.05.22 19:19 |

Bulgaria’s business climate worsens for the third consecutive month

Business climate in Bulgaria has worsened in October. The business sentiment indicator deteriorated in the following sectors- industry, retail trade, services, etc. Business sentiment has remained steady only in construction. All managers forecast..

28.10.21 13:42 |

Expensive electricity causes dissatisfaction in Bulgarian industry

Electricity prices in Bulgaria are 50 percent higher than those in the main export markets for Bulgarian industry - Germany, Italy, France, Austria. This is stated in a letter from the Association of the Organizations of Bulgarian..

04.08.21 13:08 |

Mining and energy sectors in Bulgaria are leaders in high paying salaries

The highest average gross monthly salary in Bulgaria for 2019 was in the municipality of Chelopech - 1245 euros. The municipality of Kozloduy holds second place with 1093 euros, followed by Radnevo with 935 euros, the Institute for..

24.03.21 17:17 |

Interactive online map of Bulgarian industry presented

The first interactive map of Bulgarian industry is now available online, BGNES reports. The project was developed by the Ministry of Economy and the Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency in partnership with the Bulgarian Innovative..

10.09.20 13:33 |

Productivity has increased by 2.5% in first quarter of 2020

Bulgarians create 9.46 euros of the country's GDP for one hour of work, the National Statistical Institute has announced. In the first quarter of 2020, the GDP per employee has increased by 2.5% on an annual basis to 3,848 euros. The number of employees..

04.06.20 15:34 |

Bulgarian production is adapting to new conditions

In the space of less than one month more than 65 companies in Bulgaria have transformed their production, adapting it to the state of emergency over Covid-19. Once the crisis is over this transformation could lead to production expansion..

23.04.20 09:53 |

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