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Bulgaria reports 24,4% positive cases, nearly 9,000 people in hospital

Bulgaria has registered 4,851 new cases of coronavirus for the last 24 hours. 24.4% of the 19,869 tests performed returned positive , according to the updated data on the National Coronavirus Information Portal at midnight.  Most new cases are in..

24.03.21 08:53 |

47-year-old man from Blagoevgrad dies a week after being vaccinated against coronavirus

A 47-year-old man from the town of Blagoevgrad, southwestern Bulgaria, has died a week after being vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid-19. It is unclear at this time whether he also had a coronavirus infection. An inspection of the..

17.03.21 18:26 |

The coronavirus is expected to become seasonal, Prof. Kantardzhiev

On March 8 a year ago in Bulgaria, the first cases of coronavirus infection were registered and they are already over 260,000. Covid-19 is likely to become seasonal, said Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev, director of the National Centre for Infectious and..

08.03.21 17:55 |

Anxiety among Bulgarians due to Covid-19 on the rise

6% of Bulgarians have had a Covid-19 infection and 5% are currently suffering from coronavirus , indicates a study by the Institute for Population and Human Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The fear of getting infected has increased..

22.11.20 15:06 |

Five migrants in Lyubimets with coronavirus infection

Five migrants from the center for accommodation of foreigners in the town of Lyubimets, southern Bulgaria, have tested positive for coronavirus. This has been announced by the regional crisis headquarters. The infected were part of a group of 19..

26.08.20 10:40 |
Chief Health Inspector, Dr. Angel Kunchev

The spread of Covid-19 among the young threatens the elderly: Chief Health Inspector

In the last 4 weeks, the percentage of those newly diagnosed with Covid-19 has been in the narrow range between 4.5 and 5.5, Bulgaria's Chief Health Inspector and Deputy Chairman of the National Operational Headquarters Angel Kunchev said in an..

03.08.20 11:36 |
Deputy mayor of Sofia, Doncho Barbalov

Sofia's Townhall to stay open despite infected municipal councillors

The main building of the Sofia townhall will not be closed because of the municipal councilors infected with Covid-19, Deputy Mayor Doncho Barbalov told the BNR. He assured that the building is disinfected daily every 4 hours. Only the contact persons..

23.06.20 14:27 |
Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev

Prof. Kantardzhiev: The increasing number of people infected with coronavirus is a disturbing trend

The trends are disturbing, in the last 8 days we have an increase in the positive cases, Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev, director of the National Centre for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases and a member of the National Operations Staff commented for the..

21.06.20 11:10 |
Academician Bogdan Petrunov

Easing of anti-epidemic measures leads to rise of Covid-19 infections

Easing of measures against Covid-19 is obviously related to rise in the number of new infections. This is the natural course of the epidemic as it continues. It will not be possible for everything to calm down in a few months and for us to say that we..

19.06.20 12:42 |

Chief State Health Inspector: Coronavirus has reduced its infectivity

The coronavirus has reduced its infectivity. There are more and more positive cases without severe symptoms shown, Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev said in an interview with BNR, speaking about the record number of..

11.06.20 10:34 |
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