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International experts establish flaws in the road section where the bus crash occurred on Struma motorway

An expert inspection of road conditions before the road accident on Struma motorway occured , conducted by an international auditor, has established that the assembly of the roadside safety crash barriers does not meet requirements...

02.12.21 11:05 |
Dr. Ivan Madzharov, chairman of the Bulgarian Medical Association

Bulgarian Medical Association comes out in support of hospitals

The Bulgarian Medical Association has come out with a position in support of the hospitals inspected by the National Health Insurance Fund . It says that hospitals involved in treating patients with Covid-19 are forced to return funds to the fund..

13.07.21 18:08 |

Pirogov Emergency Hospital will have to return BGN 1 million

The Sofia-based Pirogov Hospital for emergency treatment must return to the National Health Insurance Fund nearly 1 million and 37 thousand BGN /530 thousand euros/ due to violations established during an inspection in the medical institution for the..

12.07.21 18:50 |

Ministry of Environment and Water inspectors find 100 tons of buried hazardous pesticides

100 tons of pesticides, a large part of which buried on the territory of the entire country were found during inspections for improperly stored plant protection products, BNR’s Horizont channel reports.   A large part of the hazardous..

18.08.20 13:24 |
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