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Fruit and vegetable price inspections launched

Inspectors from the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency and the National Revenue Agency will inspect fruit and vegetable prices , Agriculture Minister Kiril Vatev announced. By association and cooperation farmers will have equal access to the..

13.08.23 08:05 |

Bulgarian government is introducing new measures to increase road safety

The Bulgarian government is launching a package of measures against road accidents that will be permanent, not campaign-based. This was stated by Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov at the beginning of the government meeting today. The measures include..

21.06.23 11:18 |
Caretaker Minister of Economy Nikola Stoyanov

Inflation rate will fall back to single digits as early as May, economy minister says

“As early as in May, the inflation rate is going to drop below 10 %,” caretaker Economy Minister Nikola Stoyanov said in an interview with NOVA TV, and added it had been going down for seven months, and that in summer it will fall back to single..

19.05.23 10:31 |

National Revenue Agency with inspections of Bulgarians with property in Dubai

There are around 200 Bulgarian citizens who own real estate in Dubai, National Revenue Agency Director General Boris Mihaylov told public service TV BNT, and added that inspections were ongoing to determine whether they have any unpaid taxes. 23..

22.03.23 19:40 |

CPC: Unfair commercial practices account for more than one third of all infringements

The  Commission for  Consumer Protection (CPC) carried out 755 inspections in food retailers. 651 infringements, including 254 unfair commercial practices, have been found. According to CPC experts, these practices are applied systematically and..

19.03.23 13:31 |

Campaign to check retail outlets across the country begins 

On the occasion of the World Consumer Day - 15 March , for the 14th year in a row, inspectors from the General Directorate of Market Surveillance at the State Agency for Metrological and Technical Supervision began inspections in retail outlets across..

15.03.23 06:10 |

Drivers of heavy goods vehicles tested for narcotic drugs

A large-scale police operation is underway, involving the General Labour Inspectorate, teams from Greece, Croatia and Latvia.  Drivers of heavy goods vehicles and buses are being tested for narcotic drugs, and the validity of their documents is..

16.06.22 15:35 |

Inspections launched for mask-wearing indoors along Black Sea coast

“Inspections are being launched at the height of the summer season along the Black Sea coast to check whether masks are being worn in food and drink establishments, and petrol stations,” Deputy Minister of Health Alexander Zlatanov announced at a..

05.08.21 18:54 |
Maya Manolova, chair of the parliamentary committee

New parliamentary committee tasked with reviewing country’s administration holds first sitting

The parliamentary committee tasked with reviewing the work of the country’s administration over the past 5 years is being convened for the first time by its chair Maya Manolova. It is yet to adopt its procedural rules. The inspections..

28.07.21 06:05 |
Interim Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov

More than 900 have been detained for vote-buying: Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov

“S ince 1 July,  72 judicial investigations have been initiated and more than 900 people have been detained for vote-buying for the upcoming early parliamentary elections on 11 July,” Interior Minister from the caretaker cabinet Boyko Rashkov..

09.07.21 16:13 |
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