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 Iliana Iotova

Vice President will propose changes in policy towards Ukrainian refugees

Bulgaria had expected more Ukrainians of Bulgarian origin to seek refuge in the country from the conflict in Ukraine. Most of them, however, have not fled their homes. This is what Vice President Iliana Iotova told BNR.  She pointed out that..

02.08.22 18:45 |
Edi Rama, Brussels, 23 June, 2022

Albanian PM Edi Rama of Bulgaria’s veto: It’s a disgrace!

“It's a disgrace that a NATO country, Bulgaria, kidnaps two other NATO countries, namely Albania and North Macedonia, in the midst of a hot war in Europe's backyard with 26 other EU countries sitting still in a scary show of impotence.” That is how..

23.06.22 15:16 |

Over 5600 Ukrainians employed in Bulgaria

More than 330,000 Ukrainians have entered Bulgaria since the beginning of the war. To date, about 78,000 people are residing in the country . Approximately half of them are accommodated in state-owned facilities and hotels under the new humanitarian..

15.06.22 14:39 |

More than 300 subsidized jobs for Ukrainians in Burgas, Sliven and Yambol

In just three days, employers offered over 300 jobs for Ukrainian citizens under the Solidarity project in Burgas, Yambol and Sliven regions , Burgas Employment Agency said. The subsidized jobs are mainly in the tourism sector. Under..

10.06.22 05:40 |

Rumen Radev discusses EU integration of North Macedonia with French President Emmanuel Macron

France is ready to support Bulgaria so the country does not lose any defence capabilities until the time it receives the F-16 fighter aircraft from USA, the presidency announced after a telephone conversation between the Presidents of Bulgaria..

19.05.22 10:11 |

State policy is what is lacking in the process of integration of refugees

In August 2015, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s notorious phrase “We will manage!” opened the doors to Europe for a massive stream of refugees fleeing from the war in Syria. Thousands of economic migrants from Asia and Africa also headed towards..

04.02.22 16:56 |

New EC strategy calls for Bulgaria’s integration into Schengen area

Bulgaria should be integrated into the Schengen area according to a new European Commission strategy for “a stronger and more resilient Schengen area”, BNR’s Brussels correspondent Anguelina Piskova reports. “Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, and..

02.06.21 14:55 |

Government approves national migration strategy

The government has approved a national migration strategy for the 2021-2025 period. The strategy is in conformity with Bulgaria’s commitments resulting from the country's membership of the EU, BTA reports. The strategic objectives set out..

24.03.21 15:44 |

At Sofia forum Western Balkans leaders express support for promoting integration processes

At the conference on the regional and European integration of the Western Balkans, taking place in Sofia, Kosovo President Hashim Thaci stated that the region has never been better positioned for strengthening their shared process of integration into..

07.12.17 13:31 |

Western Balkans leaders discuss region’s European integration at forum in Sofia

Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov and World Bank CEO Kristalina Georgieva opened a forum in Sofia, which lays the beginning of an initiative in support of the regional integration of the Western Balkans. The participants include the President of..

07.12.17 12:39 |

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