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Bulgaria’s housing market is on a winning streak during the Covid-19 pandemic

Many Bulgarians have been recently searching for ground floor apartments with yard-terraces, residential properties with cozy gardens located in closed-type complexes, or apartments with large terraces offering stunning views, an analysis of..

18.11.21 10:00 |

Bulgaria reports low demand for student loans

In 11 years, less than half of the amount of the guaranteed student loans have been reimbursed to the state. Students refrain from borrowing money because of the high interest rates, although a total of EUR 20 million was earmarked for student loans..

28.09.21 10:53 |

Financiers: Be financially proactive, don't keep your savings in long-term deposits

Many of our compatriots do not know how to manage their finances and prefer to "freeze" their savings in long-term deposits for " rainy days" with unfavo u rable interest rates and even losses. Analysts attribute the growing..

15.09.21 11:48 |

Bank deposits increase amid Covid-19 crisis

In 2021, interest rates on loans will remain at last year's levels - 4.5% to 6.5% for consumer loans and between 2.5% and 3.1% for mortgage loans, Tihomir Toshev, Executive Director of Credit Centerconsulting company, forecasted in an interview for..

20.01.21 17:25 |

Interest rates on deposits close to zero

The interest rates on deposits offered by the commercial banks to the local households and companies have reached new historical lows and are very close to zero (those in Euro offered to Bulgarian firms decreased to 0.38% on an annual basis). The..

03.05.16 17:10 |
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