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Bulgaria again at a political crossroads

After the latest in a string of parliamentary elections, Bulgaria once again faces an equation with many unknowns. Is there going to have a government? Is it going to be stable? Is it going to live up to public attitudes? One thing is certain: that a..

03.10.22 11:14 |

Ivan Kanchev: Bulgarians have lost the feeling that something depends on our vote

He is young, well-educated man and he is the author of four books. He has decided to stay in his native Bulgaria and popularize its history in a new way that is also attractive for teenagers. His name is Ivan Kanchev, one of the founders of the..

30.09.22 10:10 |

Paving stones from recycled materials are developed by Bulgarian entrepreneurs

Back in 2019, the European Union adopted a directive that seeks to limit the spread of single-use plastic waste by 2026. Products including plastic plates, cups, cutlery, straws, stirrers as well as food boxes are some of the most common types of waste..

26.09.22 15:48 |

It's good to live as a community where our neighbours are not our competitors, but people who help each other

23 years together at every moment, both at home and at work. Thus, in one sentence we can summarize the lives of Olivier and Mitana Roche. They met in France, but chose to settle down and develop their own family French bistro in Sofia. Since..

23.09.22 08:05 |

DJ Fabrizio Parisi: Bulgarian folk music must not remain “enclosed” within a limited circle of people

“It is our job as DJs and producers to provoke the interest of young people in traditional Bulgarian music,” Fabrizio Parisi, who is of mixed Bulgarian-Italian descent, says in an interview with Radio Bulgaria. Born in Basel,..

05.09.22 13:10 |

Bulgarians in Bolhrad are preparing to celebrate the feast of their city

The Ukrainian city of Bolhrad, or the capital of the Bessarabian Bulgarians, as it is known, takes its name from the Bulgarian words "bol" - abundance, and "grad" - city. On August 25, the city will mark the 201st anniversary of..

24.08.22 14:57 |
Maria Zakharova

Moscow denies former PM Kirill Petkov's accusations of interference in Bulgaria's internal affairs

On the occasion of the interview of outgoing Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov with the Times, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Russia does not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. In the..

30.07.22 13:34 |

Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska on the hot topics of Bulgaria’s foreign policy

Bulgaria’s position on Ukraine is consistent and clear, says Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodora Genchovska in an interview for Radio Bulgaria. Alongside the support for Ukraine’s European and Euro-Atlantic path, Bulgaria is also adamant..

11.02.22 11:56 |

Bulgaria Today – July 20, 2021

In “Bulgaria Today” this Tuesday you can learn the latest news from the country. - You can also hear an interview with therapist Dr. Ognyan Dimov who talks about the fears accumulated during the Covid-19 pandemic. - Find out more about short-lived..

20.07.21 17:30 |

President Radev calls for manageability of crisis measures

The cabinet took clear and timely measures for social distancing. That is a very positive thing. The cabinet launched an active, even hyper-active awareness campaign, said President Rumen Radev. I am not criticizing the quarantine. I am..

09.04.20 19:06 |

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