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Ivet Goranova at European Championship in Gaziantep, Turkey

Silver medal for Bulgaria's karateka Ivet Goranova at European Championship in Turkey

Olympic karate champion Ivet Goranova won a silver medal in the 55kg kumite category at the 57th European Karate Championships in Gaziantep, Turkey.  In the final of the Tokyo Olympics last August, Goranova defeated Ukraine's Angelika Terlyuga 5-1..

28.05.22 17:47 |
Ivet Goranova

Another gold medal for Tokyo Olympic champion Ivet Goranova

Olympic champion from Tokyo 2020 Ivet Goranova won a gold medal in kumite up to 55 kg at the Grand Prix Karate tournament in Bratislava. Goranova recorded four consecutive victories in Slovakia, and in the final she prevailed by 5:3 points..

27.03.22 13:59 |

Ivet Goranova grabs Sportsperson of the Year Award for 2021

The Bulgarian Sportsperson of the Year Award for 2021 goes to the gold medalist from the Tokyo Olympic Games, Ivet Goranova (karate). This is shown by the results of the 64th edition of the survey, organized by Nove Holding, in..

30.12.21 15:20 |
Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic named Balkan Athlete of the Year for seventh time

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic was named Balkan Athlete of the Year in a poll conducted by the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency. The National news agencies from the region- BTA (Bulgaria), ANA-MPA (Greece), AGERPRESS (Romania), Anatolu Agency..

29.12.21 17:31 |
Ivet Goranova

Bulgaria's Ivet Goranova wins the Olympic gold in karate kumite

Bulgaria's 21-year-old Ivet Goranova has won the gold medal in kumite at the Olympic Karate in Tokyo . Thus, she won the first Olympic gold for Bulgaria since Beijing 2008 when Bulgarian rower Rumyana Neykova triumphed with the gold. Ivet..

05.08.21 15:35 |

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