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Newly registered unemployed persons in Bulgaria are over 36,000

Since the beginning of 2023, the number of unemployed citizens who have registered with the employment agency offices across the country has exceeded 36,000 . Of these, 20,230 people were able to find a job thanks to the employment services...

27.02.23 14:19 |

The UN expects a slowdown in growth of Bulgaria’s economy in 2023

The war in Ukraine is putting the world economy to the test, and UN experts are presenting an outlook for 2023 with the slowest growth rate in a decade. For Bulgaria the outlook is for a slowdown of growth from the expected 3% for 2022 down to..

26.01.23 12:23 |

Number of job offers on the Bulgarian labour market has been declining

According to an analysis by the biggest employment platform in this country, the number of job advertisements in the country has gone down in October by 7% compared to September this year. The number of job offers in October is down by 3,000,..

04.11.22 17:05 |

Young Bulgarians choose universities abroad because they doubt they will be able to find a career in their home country

The poor results of the national external assessment have focused public attention on one major problem - the quality of Bulgarian education. They have raised a number of questions: what knowledge and skills do graduates have; are they able to meet the..

07.07.22 16:51 |

The labour market in Bulgaria can absorb a large number of returnees from abroad

A survey among Bulgarians abroad, conducted recently for the Bulgaria Wants You multimedia platform, shows that about 35 percent of the respondents have decided to return to their country and are currently considering their options. Taking into account..

13.06.22 17:34 |

Relocating the refugees from Ukraine

Thousands of Ukrainian refugees have left the comfortable seaside hotels they had been put up at to travel into an uncertain future. For the time being what this future looks like is: standard caravans, lined up like soldiers, or bunk..

02.06.22 11:44 |
Hristo Prodanov

Bulgarian Tourism Minister: Refugees from Ukraine need to start work

The number of buses leaving Bulgaria through the Durankulak border checkpoint with Ukrainian citizens in the last 24 hours is three times more than the number entering . This trend has been observed for about a week.  As announced by the..

26.05.22 17:09 |

Experts and volunteers help foreigners adapt in Bulgaria

The first Bureau for Information and Services for Third Country Nationals has been functioning in Sofia since September 2021. The aim of the team working there is to facilitate the access by foreigners, most of all from non-EU countries, to..

17.01.22 11:28 |

Bulgaria registers growth in demand for remote jobs

Bulgaria keeps recording an increase in offers for remote jobs and their share in October was 13.5%. The increase compared to the previous month is 7%, and for the last four months this growth is 29%, according to a study of the dynamics of..

07.11.21 13:05 |

National strategy for reducing poverty up for public discussion

Poor people in Bulgaria account for 23.8% of the population or 1,660,000 people, reads the National Strategy for Reducing Poverty which has been posted to the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy for public discussion. The..

21.06.21 13:06 |
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