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Outgoing Premier Kiril Petkov

Bulgaria’s outgoing cabinet has negotiated seven shiploads of LNG for the forthcoming winter

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Energy will propose signing an agreement on the delivery of seven cargo ships with liquefied natural gas which will improve Bulgaria's energy security, outgoing Premier Kiril Petkov said.  Bulgaria is expected to receive one..

28.07.22 15:56 |

First gas transmission along second pipeline between Bulgaria and Greece conducted as trial

The trial transfer of Azeri gas from Greece to Bulgaria via the Komotini-Stara Zagora interconnector has started, BNR correspondent in Greece Katya Peeva announced.  A trial quantity will be transmitted by the end of June. The supply of the agreed..

19.06.22 12:15 |
Bulgaria's Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev

Assen Vassilev: A return to Gazprom for Bulgaria is unlikely

"It is never a mistake to give up working with a supplier who unilaterally changes conditions and uses gas for political purposes" , Bulgaria’s Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev said for Nova TV.  Minister Vassilev noted that..

21.05.22 16:25 |
Ambassador Herro Mustafa

Herro Mustafa: The USA and Bulgaria will continue to work towards diversifying gas supply sources

The United States and  Bulgaria will continue to work towards finding medium and long-term solutions to diversify gas supply sources, US Ambassador to Bulgaria, Herro Mustafa, said for Nova TV. In her words, during Premier Kiril Petkov’s recent visit..

21.05.22 11:46 |

EU to discuss oil embargo on Russia again

In Berlin, NATO ’s  F oreign M inisters pledged that the North-Atlantic alliance would continue to provide Ukraine with weapons until Russian aggression is repelled. On May 16, the EU Foreign Ministers are expected to discuss in..

16.05.22 09:18 |
Premier Kiril Petkov

Premier Petkov: Bulgaria to receive gas from the US at lower prices and without intermediaries

Bulgaria will receive liquefied natural gas from the United States in June. The country will receive gas at lower prices and without the help of intermediaries, Premier Kiril Petkov noted after he returned to Bulgaria from his visit to the United..

12.05.22 09:36 |

Bulgaria expects US gas at prices lower than Gazprom’s

Bulgaria’s Premier Kiril Petkov met with United States Vice President Kamala Harris in Washington. "We reaffirmed strong partnership between Bulgaria and the United States and discussed our commitment to diversify energy supply. I look forward..

11.05.22 09:32 |

Market test for Alexandroupolis LNG terminal successfully completed

The binding phase of the market test for the reservation of capacity from the floating liquefied natural gas terminal near the Greek town of Alexandroupolis on the Aegean coast has been successfully completed . Greek, international companies and..

27.03.20 16:08 |

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