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Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Wednesday, January 25

On Wednesday the lowest temperatures will fluctuate between minus 3°C and 2°C, for Sofia-around minus 1°C . It will be cloudy during the day, with low chance of precipitation. Daytime highs will range from 2° to 7°C, for Sofia-around 2°C. Over..

24.01.23 19:25 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Tuesday, November 29

It will be cloudy on Tuesday. It will snow in most parts of Northern Bulgaria on Monday night. Rain is in the forecast for the rest of the country. Significant precipitation is expected in the southeastern regions. There will be moderate, in..

28.11.22 19:35 |

Weather forecast for Bulgaria for Monday, November 28

It will be cloudy on Sunday night. It will start raining in many parts of the country on Monday morning. It will snow in the Pre-Balkan region and the high fields in Western Bulgaria. Thin snow cover will form in these areas.  The lowest temperatures will..

27.11.22 17:35 |
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