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First lung transplant was carried out in Bulgaria

A team of the University Hospital Lozenets in Sofia headed by Dr, Igor Tudorache from the University Hospital in Hannover made the first lung transplantation in Bulgaria. A seventy-year-old man with extreme degree of pulmonary insufficiency is the..

27.10.19 16:38 |

Bulgarian doctors to learn how to perform lung transplant in Vienna

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Health and the Department of Thoracic Surgery of the Medical University of Vienna and Vienna General Hospital signed in Sofia an agreement for education and qualification of Bulgarian doctors in the field of lung transplant...

25.01.19 12:57 |

Natalia Maeva tells us about life before and after bilateral sequential lung transplantation

The personal story of Natalia Maeva is exciting and inspiring because of her great courage and will for life. At the same time, her story raises many questions about the situation of the Bulgarian healthcare system. Back in 2009 Natalia was..

22.12.17 12:01 |
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