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Half of Bulgarians consider the past elections to be fairer than previous ones

For 49% of voters, the early parliamentary elections on July 11 were fairer than the previous ones, and about two-thirds of voters support machine voting. This is shown by a Gallup International Balkan telephone survey conducted between July 14th and..

16.07.21 17:08 |

Machine voting in July 11 elections in Bulgaria was generally successful, OSCE observers say

In general, the machine voting introduced in Bulgaria in the polling stations with over 300 voters has passed successfully in the parliamentary elections of July 11, international observers note. According to them, however, corruption and the lack of..

12.07.21 17:07 |

Machine voting has led to rapid processing of the election protocols

The processing of the protocols from the elections in the capital's Arena Armeec hall is going fast and without tension , announced the BNR reporter Rumyana Vasileva. It takes up to 5-6 minutes to process a protocol of the election commissions. About..

12.07.21 00:30 |

The counting of the receipts from the voting machines will be partial

The receipts from the machine voting in 1,343 polling stations in the country and 39 polling stations abroad, determined at random, will be counted after the end of the election day , the Central Election Commission (CEC) decided. According to the..

11.07.21 19:35 |

Machine voting – the biggest novelty at today’s election

For the first time machine voting is mandatory in Bulgaria in polling places with more than 300 voters. In 9,402 polling stations in the country and 273 abroad voting will be entirely by machine. In the polling places where more..

11.07.21 07:20 |
Tzvetozar Tomov

Tsvetozar Tomov: Electoral fraud schemes are not applicable to machine voting

Electoral fraud schemes are not applicable to machine voting, said the S pokesperson of Bulgaria’s Central Election Commission Tsvetozar Tomov in an interview for Bulgaria ON AIR. "Fraudsters must come up with something new. They are not..

07.07.21 14:30 |

Constitutional Court has approved machine voting

Machine voting is not unconstitutional, the Constitutional Court said. Five of the 12 judges have signed the decision with a dissenting opinion. According to the decision, the ballot for machine voting is designed to look like the paper one. "By..

02.07.21 14:10 |

OSCE mission questions Bulgaria’s election administration capacity

The mission of observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, OSCE, for the upcoming parliamentary elections on 11 July presented their interim report for the period from 9 to 23 June. The amendments to the Election..

29.06.21 12:46 |

Upcoming elections: organization, expectations, cost

Mandatory machine voting is the biggest novelty at the upcoming snap elections for parliament in Bulgaria scheduled for 11 July. An exception can be made for polling stations with fewer than 300 voters, voting by mobile ballot box, at medical..

22.06.21 16:42 |

Fewer applications but more polling stations abroad for 11 July election

One day before the deadline expires for submitting applications for voting abroad – 15 June – more than 55,000 applications had been submitted. It is hardly likely that after today – the last day – their number will reach 87,216, the number..

15.06.21 12:32 |
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