Militsa Mircheva

Militsa Mircheva will represent Bulgaria at the Sevtov Championship in Oregon

Bulgaria will be represented by one athlete at the World Championships starting on July 15 in Eugene, Oregon, USA - the most significant athletic event for 2022. This is Militsa Mircheva , who will participate in the marathon, website..

14.07.22 19:25 |

Competitors from 27 countries participate at Tryavna Ultra mountain marathon

840 participants from 27 countries stand at the start of the mountain ultramarathon "Tryavna Ultra". The competition is held for the sixth year in the heart of Stara Planina Mountain. The start and finish are on the square in the picturesque town of..

16.07.21 18:22 |
„Пирин Рън“

Summer parties start in Bulgaria’s resort Bansko

The active summer programme of Bulgaria’s resort town of Bansko has started. For the 11 th year in a row, it brings together the best mountain athletes to climb Vihren peak in the Pirin Run mountain running and cycling competition on June 27...

27.06.21 06:05 |

Longest sea swimming marathon in Bulgaria starts

The swimming challenge is 6400 meters long and has a 50-year-long tradition in the city of Burgas. The start of the swimming marathon is on the island of St. Anastasia at 9.30 am on June 18. The final point of the competition is the Bridge of..

18.06.21 05:35 |

Young athletes Teodor and Valentin Tsvetkov embark on marathon with noble cause

From September 14 to 20, the brothers Teodor Tsvetkov and Valentin Tsvetkov are holding their new marathon with a noble cause. Within seven days, Teodor will swim a distance of 280 km, and Valentin will run a distance of 280 km. For the..

20.09.20 05:00 |

Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race – world’s longest footrace

" Our society has been wasting a lot of energy in an attempt to oppose each other. I would call on all people to be more humble, taking into account others' opinions. Opposition in no way helps us be psychologically resilient."..

05.05.20 12:49 |

British athlete wins Via Pontica cross-border marathon

Nathan Flear, Great Britain, is the winner of the Via Pontica cross-border marathon, which took place on Sunday along the Black Sea coastline of Bulgaria and Romania. The British competitor covered the distance of 42 kms. along dirt roads..

03.09.18 11:21 |
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