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Bulgarian National Radio is the most trusted media in Bulgaria: Reuters Institute

The Bulgarian National Radio is for yet another year named the most trusted media in Bulgaria, according to a report by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University .  The largest share of Bulgarians - 64% trust the news of..

16.06.22 11:18 |

Balkan Developments

Serbia believes it is not obliged to buy weapons from the United States and Europe Serbia will continue to arm itself with Russian, Chinese and other weapons, President Alexander Vucic said. The statement comes despite fears in..

15.10.21 14:54 |
Investigative reporter Nikolay Staykov

Amnesty International with scathing criticism of media freedom in Bulgaria

“ Media freedom and freedom of association further deteriorated as authorities targeted journalists and critics and cracked down on anti-government protests,” Amnesty International writes in the Bulgaria profile of its 2020/21 report on the state..

07.04.21 13:35 |

Media Literacy Index 2021: Bulgarian society among worst equipped to withstand the impact of fake news

Bulgaria occupies a place near the bottom of the media literacy index for 2021 – 30 th position out of 35 European countries, and falls into the same group as Greece (27), Romania (28), Serbia (29), Turkey (31) and Montenegro (32)...

24.03.21 11:36 |
Bob Menandez (left) and Jim Risch

Bulgarian President agrees with US senators in their "devastating criticism" of corruption in Bulgaria

U.S. Senators Bob Menendez ( U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman ) and Jim Risch (member of the committee), have published  a joint statement  on the Bulgaria-US relations at the start of the official campaigning period for the..

05.03.21 13:50 |

Georgi Gotev: Investigative journalism in Bulgaria is a gold mine for the European prosecutors

Bulgaria occupies 111 th position in the World Press Freedom Index of Reporters without Borders, out of a total of 180 countries. Media in this country was also in the focus of the first European Commission report on rule of law within the EU..

12.10.20 14:14 |
Dr. Iliya Valkov

Bulgarian journalists complain of political pressure

The media environment in Bulgaria in 2020 has been described as "development in stagnation", according to the fifth survey on the feeling of freedom of speech in the country, conducted by the Association of European Journalists with the financial..

09.10.20 16:18 |

Premier Boyko Borissov invites Reporters Without Borders to propose measures to guarantee media freedom

Bulgaria’s Premier Boyko Borissov invited representatives of Reporters Without Borders to make proposals for amendments to the Bulgarian legislation that would guarantee media independence and the right of society to be informed in a fair and an..

03.12.19 15:41 |
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