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TUs demand that some of the new anti-Covid measures be repealed

The two biggest trade unions in Bulgaria, the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions and Podkrepa, have demanded that Minister of Health Dr. Stoycho Katsarov repeal the requirement for medical staff at hospitals and care homes  to be allowed to go..

22.10.21 11:36 |

More than 70% of medical staff have been vaccinated or have had coronavirus: Health Minister

“Bulgarian medical staff have already reached collective immunity against Covid-19 because more than 70% of them have been vaccinated or have had coronavirus,” Health Minister Prof. Kostadin Angelov stated in Varna. He added that collective..

04.04.21 16:36 |

Pre-hospital pulmonologists demand additional payment like front-line medical professionals

The specialists in lung diseases in Bulgaria from the pre-hospital care medical establishments demand to be recognized as medical professionals on the frontline. They are adamant that their work is very risky, as they examine dozens of patients with..

24.03.21 10:44 |

Is there a socio-economic dilemma: People or economy

A partial lockdown has been in force in Bulgaria since last Friday. It will continue until December 21. The new anti-epidemic measures are due to the deterioration of the epidemiological situation and the spread of the coronavirus infection. As soon as..

01.12.20 11:45 |
Minister of Health  Kostadin Angelov

Crisis is due to non-compliance with anti-epidemic measures: health minister

We have not alllowed Bulgaria to top the world ranking in terms of Covid-19 mortality.  We have been encouraging people to observe the anti-epidemic measures from the very beginning of the pandemic. The high mortality is due to non-compliance with..

26.11.20 09:55 |

Two kindergartens in Sofia to remain open for children of front-line medical workers

After it was announced today that due to the anti-epidemic measures all kindergartens and nurseries in Bulgaria will be closed, the mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova decided to set up two working kindergartens for the children of the medical staff on..

25.11.20 18:26 |

25% of medical staff at regional hospital in Blagoevgrad is with Covid-19

More than 25% of the medical staff working on the front line in the fight in the Blagoevgrad Regional Hospital , which operates as a Covid-19 hospital, are infected with coronavirus. Many of the medical professionals also have developed complications...

23.11.20 14:08 |

Small hospitals in Bulgaria suffer serious shortage of staff

The number of people treated for Covid-19 in hospitals is increasing, but there is a lack of doctors to treat it. T he shortage is strongly felt in the smaller Bulgarian cities, where hospitals have applied for medical staff and volunteers, the BNR..

06.11.20 15:50 |

From now on: No PCR test required after quarantine, control of anti-coronavirus measures observance to be tightened

Anti-coronavirus measures in Bulgaria are not going to be tightened but control of their observance will. This was made clear at today’s weekly briefing by the National Operational Headquarters. “People in Bulgaria have absolutely..

08.10.20 13:56 |
Bulgaria’s Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov

Covid-19 morbidity in Bulgaria continues to decrease

Covid-19 morbidity in Bulgaria continues to decrease. In the past week Covid-19 morbidity decreased by 47.5% as compared to the week before, latest data of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control show, Bulgaria’s Minister of..

21.08.20 16:24 |
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