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Bulgaria exports herbs to over 50 countries worldwide, mostly to Germany

In 2020, Bulgarian export of herbs dropped by about 20% to less than 9,000 tons, data from the Bulgarian Association of Herbalists, quoted by "Bulgarian Farmer" show. However, export of medicinal plants to more than 50 countries..

06.04.21 07:10 |

Bulgaria is the largest producer of herbs in Europe

Bulgaria ranks first in the world in the amount of herbs produced per unit of area, the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Waters announced on the occasion of Enyovden (Midsummer's Day). We outperform the largest producers and exporters such as..

24.06.20 08:06 |

Medicinal herbs are at their most potent on Enyovden

The traditional culture of every nation has preserved the so-called alternative (natural) methods of treatment. When official medicine does not help, people resort to the alternative methods hoping that the wisdom of their ancestors is stronger..

24.06.20 04:35 |

Bulgaria is largest producer of herbs in the European Union

Bulgaria is the largest producer of herbs in the European Union, data of Eurostat shows. In 2017 a total of 81,000 tons of aromatic and medicinal plants and herbs were grown in this country which was double the amount planted in the second-biggest..

08.01.19 18:23 |
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