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Църквата „Свети Йоан Предтеча“

Bratsigovo, a journey back to history

The town of Bratsigovo is not among the hot tourist destinations of the day. First-time visitors are amazed by the genuineness of its beautiful houses and conserved Revival atmosphere. The quiet settlement delved in the foot of the Rhodope..

16.04.22 14:30 |

The Stone Mushrooms and the Petrified Wedding near Kardzhali inspire legends

Ancient megaliths hidden in the folds of the mountain, Thracian sanctuaries, old stone bridges and rock formations – all that looks more like an alien landscape, than a place on Earth, Bulgaria, The Eastern Rhodopes. The stone figures in the vicinity of..

30.01.22 09:10 |
The Dolmen at Nachovi Chairi locality near Topolovgrad is one of the best-preserved in Bulgaria’s territory

Millennia-old dolmens – the unfathomable secret of Bulgaria’s Sakar Mountain

Sakar is a mountain in Southeastern Bulgaria, close to the border with Turkey. It is the lowest mountain and one of the most sparsely populated regions in the country. There have been claims that Sakar used to be a cradle of an ancient..

15.08.20 07:00 |
A relief from the room with niches - Municipality Nevestino Kyustendil, anthropomorphic figure

Rumen Zinoviev's rocky discoveries: searching for link between modern age and antiquity

Rumen Zinoviev is not a geologist by profession or a researcher of ancient cultures. But he has been constantly travelling through Bulgaria in search of ancient sanctuaries, altars, and mysterious rock formations. It all started five years ago when his..

27.06.19 14:23 |
Protodolmens in Sredna Gora

Sunny Gate and the Brothers – unique and unknown megaliths in Sredna Gora Mountain

When one walks across the slopes of the Sredna Gora Mountain, there are plenty of ancient remains, related to paganism. Some of these sites are well-researched; others remain a bit unknown, while third ones sink in mysticism, still hiding..

02.12.17 08:00 |

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