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"Blue Summer" campaign in support of children's mental health starts

The "Blue Summer" national campaign starts today in 12 Bulgarian cities on the initiative of Ombudsman Diana Kovacheva. The aim is to support the mental health of adolescents at the backdrop of a coronavirus epidemic. Reception rooms will be..

14.06.21 16:26 |

Bulgaria’s Ombudsman launches campaign in support of children’s mental health

Parents, parent organizations and child psychologists approach the Ombudsman every day with information about worrying symptoms among children due to the lockdown. According to data from the NGO sector, as a result of restricted social..

06.06.21 11:50 |

The Covid-19 pandemic has a serious impact on the mental health of Bulgarians

The Covid-19 pandemic also has a serious impact on people's mental health, whether or not they have had the coronavirus infection. According to psychiatrists, severe depressive disorders have increased by 25% since the beginning of the..

19.05.21 10:00 |

How has Covid-19 affected out mental health?: study

In the course of a year an international team of researchers studied how the restrictions during the Covid-19 pandemic have affected the mental state of the population in 11 countries - the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Czechia, Finland,..

28.04.21 10:46 |
Ultramarathon runner Krassimir Georgiev

Ultramarathoner to tow pickup truck for more than a day to promote mental health

At Sofia's Rakovski Stadium, t he ultramarathoner Krassimir Georgiev is facing a gigantic endeavor to tow a vehicle weighing 2,300 kilograms for 27 and a half hours . He is taking up this challenge in the name of a noble cause - to raise funds for a..

26.09.20 10:27 |

Psychological consultations on the phone over Covid-19 to be expanded

The team for free telephone consultations at the Clinic for Psychiatry and Military Psychology at Sofia's Military Medical Academy in Sofiaon the coronavirus pandemic is expanding , said the head of the clinic Dancho Dilkov in an interview with the..

01.05.20 12:01 |

European Psychiatric Association assesses psychiatric services in Bulgaria

The President and the Secretary General of the European Psychiatric Association - Silvana Galderisi and Julian Beezhold – are visiting Bulgaria as of today until 21 July. They are in the country at the invitation of the Ministry of Health to..

16.07.18 10:00 |
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