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Virtual birds fly in Sofia's subway on World Migratory Bird Day

The Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds will mark the World Migratory Bird Day observed globally on October 9 through a video installation in the Sofia subway. The screens in the subway will broadcast the flights of the Egyptian vulture, the..

09.10.21 10:52 |
Планински, или индийски гъски (Anser indicus)

Nature and Animals Protection Center in Dobrich receives two migratory birds

Two Bar-headed geese (Anser indicus) are the new inhabitants of the Nature and Animals Protection Center in Dobrich, announced the zoo’s director Hristiyan Hristov. The bar-headed goose, also known as Indian Goose, migrates every year from India..

21.02.21 05:45 |

Bulgaria once again hosts European bird days

Guests from Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia will be arriving in Bulgaria on 3 and 4 October for the miracle of bird migration. This is one of the biggest international events organized by the Bulgarian Society for the..

03.10.20 06:00 |
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