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Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Calls to raise money for Russian military are absolutely unacceptable

"Calls for the citizens of an EU member state to support the servicepersons involved in illegal Russian aggression, as well as to violate European sanctions against Russia, are absolutely unacceptable", Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on..

29.06.22 11:43 |

Military experts from Ukraine study possibilities for equipment repairs in Bulgarian factories

A delegation from Ukraine has visited the Terem military plants to learn about the possibilities for repairs of military equipment. The delegation includes officials from the government and representatives of Ukraine's defense..

11.05.22 16:46 |

Six Bulgarian former defense ministers call for sending military help to Ukraine

In a joint declaration, six former Bulgarian ministers of defense: Boyko Noev, Nikolay Svinarov, Anyu Angelov, Todor Tagarev, Velizar Shalamanov and Nikolay Nenchev have called for urgent Bulgarian help to be sent in order to defend Ukraine...

28.03.22 19:45 |

Bulgaria creates multinational NATO defense group

Military support for Ukraine will not be possible, keeping in mind Bulgaria's close proximity, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said at a briefing today at the Council of Ministers after meeting with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin...

19.03.22 11:39 |

US Secretary of Defense is now in Bulgaria

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has landed at the Bezmer Air Force Base. At the invitation of Bulgarian Minister of Defense Dragomir Zakov, Austin is on a two-day working visit to Bulgaria to discuss the prospects for the..

18.03.22 19:46 |

Jet fighters from Spain expected in Bulgaria by end of the week

The Spanish Air Force will redeploy 130 servicemen and four Eurofighter EF-2000 Typhoon II aircraft to Bulgaria. They will perform tasks related to enhanced air protection together with the Bulgarian Air Force until March 31, 2022...

09.02.22 14:04 |

Minister of Defense calls for speeding up procedures for purchasing weapons

The government will set up a 1,000-strong rapid reaction battalion, Minister of Defense Stefan Yanev has told the parliament. In this way, the country will implement NATO's decisions to strengthen the Alliance's eastern flank and..

27.01.22 10:25 |

Military efforts are aimed at giving diplomacy a chance

Minister of Defense Stefan Yanev expects Bulgaria to join a NATO drill with a battalion of up to 1,000 people. An opportunity has been created for the Bulgarian army to develop through joint military exercises. Diplomacy is not over,..

26.01.22 10:47 |

Bulgarian-American 6-month-long military exercise starts in Novo Selo

A joint Bulgarian-American military training has started at the Novo Selo training ground, which will last until June 30, 2022, the Ministry of Defense has reported. Forces and equipment of the Ministry of Defense, the structures..

18.01.22 19:40 |

Thracian Summer 2021 military drill taking place in Bulgaria

Bulgarian-US flight training "Thracian Summer - 2021" is being held on the territory of Bulgaria and it will continue until September 7, the Ministry of Defense has reported. During the exercise, tactical flights, transportation of troops and cargo,..

20.08.21 20:35 |

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