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Bidding farewell to disposable plastic will take time

July 2021 is the deadline by which EU member states must implement the ban on the use of some disposable plastic products. Replacing disposable cutlery, coffee stirrers, straws and food storage containers with ones made of another material will..

05.04.21 17:30 |

Application created by Bulgarian warns us of contacts with coronavirus-infected people

A mobile application that can limit the possibility of getting infected with coronavirus was invented by a team led by Bulgarian Mihail Kovachev, who has been living in Austria. Inspired by similar Asian applications, young experts working in..

17.04.20 08:15 |

Mobile application to collect data about state of health of the public

A national information system for combatting COVID-19 was presented at a briefing at the Council of Ministers. It will facilitate the work of the national crisis staff and of the medical establishments, as well as access to information. It..

04.04.20 11:51 |

Bulgarian-made app helps citizens report city problems

The Bulgarian mobile application "Citizens" enables users to alarm responsible institutions not only about road violations, but also about urban problems such as potholes, abandoned cars, broken signs. The app shortens the path between citizens and..

28.12.18 13:53 |

Online and mobile guide presents itineraries and culinary destinations in cross-border region between Bulgaria and Turkey

A website and a mobile application provide information about tourist itineraries and culinary destinations in the border regions between Bulgaria and Turkey. They were developed as part of a project for the promotion of gourmet food and wine..

24.07.18 12:38 |
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