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PM Borissov awaits evaluation by European Commission on Mobility Package

The European Commission has decided to carry out an impact assessment and, if necessary, new legislative proposals regarding changes in the rules for international road transport, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov wrote on the social network. "This is what..

18.12.19 19:50 |

European Commission blocks Mobility Package challenged by Bulgaria

The European Commission will further evaluate the impact of the clauses of the Mobility Package regarding the return of trucks to their country of registration every 8 weeks as well as regarding the restrictions on combined transport operations. These..

18.12.19 18:15 |

Compromise on Bulgarian objections in "mobility package" has been negotiated

A preliminary agreement on the mobility package for international hauliers in the EU has been reached. The rules will also apply to light freight. The main objections of Bulgaria and a group of Eastern European countries referred to the posting of..

12.12.19 11:45 |

Merkel to Borissov: You, Boyko, must remain as mediator on the Western Balkans issue

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussed the upcoming EU-Western Balkans summit in Sofia. The two spoke in Aachen after taking part in the international Charlemagne prize award ceremony. Angela Merkel..

10.05.18 17:03 |
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