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Ivan Ivanov

Bulgarian energy regulator: Gas interconnector with Greece will not be ready until June 2022

The Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria through which gas should be delivered from Azerbaijan, will not be ready by the middle of 2022, said the chairman of the Bulgarian Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, Ivan Ivanov. "We agreed on the request..

26.05.21 13:23 |

Balkan Gas Hub demands commercial license for 35 years

On March 9, at 10 am at a public meeting, Bulgaria's Energy and Water Regulatory Commission will discuss the license of Balkan Gas Hub EAD , BTA reported. The company has requested to be issued a license for a period of 35 years to carry out the activity..

09.03.21 07:25 |

Balkan Stream expected to pay off in 10 years

Bulgaria has some of the most competitive natural gas prices in Europe. They are significantly lower than the stock market ones and this has happened thanks to renegotiated terms with Gazprom and the contract with Azerbaijan,..

05.02.21 11:54 |
Boyko Borissov (L) inspects the compressor station at Petrich

PM Borissov: We are ensuring full diversification for generations to come

“Bulgaria has a “new level of security of natural gas supply” and is making huge investments in energy, so as to be a “ geostrategic country and to transit across 100% Bulgarian infrastructure,” said Prime Minister Boyko Borissov while  inspecting..

01.01.21 15:05 |

Gazprom launches gas deliveries to Serbia via Bulgaria

As of today, Russia’s Gazprom company is beginning the delivery of natural gas to Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina along a new route via Turkey and Bulgaria, a statement by the Russian company reads, as quoted by TASS news agency...

01.01.21 11:20 |

Bulgargaz files lawsuit with Sofia heating company

The state-owned natural gas supplier Bulgargaz has filed a lawsuit against the heating company Toplofikatsia Sofia for BGN 110 million (EUR 56 million) . The claim is for amounts due from the period February - October 2020. This was announced for BNR by..

02.12.20 10:18 |

Price of natural gas goes up again

As of today, the price of natural gas jumps by 10%. This has been decided by the Bulgarian energy regulator. Thus, this month one megawatt-hour of the blue fuel will cost BGN 24.72 /12.27 euros/, and this price does not include fees and taxes. This will..

01.10.20 15:58 |

Parliament votes recalculation of prices of Russian gas

New amendments to Bulgaria's Energy Act oblige the state energy regulator to recalculate gas prices for the period August 5, 2019 - March 31, 2020 . The amendment were voted today in Parliament at second reading. The public utility Bulgargaz will..

14.04.20 19:44 |

Parliamentary Energy Commitee approves changes to Energy Act over reduced natural gas price

The Parliamentary Energy Commitee has approved amendments to the Energy Law at first reading with 12 votes for and 6 against. The changes are required in order to regulate a mechanism for reimbursement of sums under agreements concluded between..

03.04.20 13:50 |

Balkan Gas Hub offers gas prices competitive to price of Russian gas

The day the Bulgarian Energy and Water Regulatory Commission approved a 42% decrease in the price of imported natural gas, price of gas on the Bulgarian gas exchange dropped to a record low. The Balkan Gas Hub which is an operator of an online gas..

02.04.20 08:57 |

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