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Five Elements – a powerful message for change in our attitude towards nature

Is it possible that music performed by eight violins, three violas, three violoncellos and one double bass, which form a chamber string orchestra, can oppose the perilous attitude of man towards nature? Yes, it is! The musicians..

04.12.21 08:35 |

85 years since first nature protection law in Bulgaria

Today marks 85 years since the decree-law on the protection of Bulgaria’s nature was published in the State Gazette, laying the beginning of Bulgaria’s nature and environmental protection legislation. The 1936 decree, signed by Tsar Boris III..

16.03.21 06:10 |

Bulgarian Black Sea Association: The country may be at risk of more European sanctions

Bulgaria may be at risk of more European sanctions in connection with protected zones, part of the Natura 2000 network in coastal Dobrudzha, representatives of the Bulgarian Black Sea Association said after a wildlife conference in Bucharest...

23.09.17 17:11 |
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