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Independent MP Georgi Georgiev

ITN breakaway MPs won't support a cabinet with ITN involvement 

The MPs who left There is Such a People (ITN) will not support a government involving their former party , independent MP Georgi Georgiev told Nova News.  "An assessment of ITN's behaviour shows that it is an unstable and unpredictable partner that..

19.07.22 16:15 |

Presidential consultations: We must make efforts to calm the public, representatives of "Democratic Bulgaria" say

The third government-forming mandate should be used to calm the public, focus on people's problems and their solution and restore a stable parliamentary majority , representatives of “Democratic Bulgaria” said during the consultations with President..

15.07.22 16:59 |
Kornelia Ninova

BSP will again negotiate the formation of a government

The Socialists are ready to is ready to resume talks to form a new government , after outgoing Prime Minister Kiril Petkov announced that the current Finance Minister Assen Vassilev will be nominated as prime minister. BSP stops negotiations..

01.07.22 15:08 |

Analysts forecast that Bulgaria would have a stable government at least in the short term

Bulgaria’s National Assembly is to hold an extraordinary sitting today to vote the composition of the new cabinet proposed by the political formation, which placed first at the early general elections on November 14- “We Continue the Change”. A..

13.12.21 13:00 |

Are chances of forming cabinet with support of "protest parties" declining?

A person who is not widely known and has no experience in politics, but has experience in private business is one way to describe the candidate of "There is Such a People" (ITN) for Prime Minister, Plamen Nikolov. The party that won the..

02.08.21 15:58 |

Is there a stable majority for a government in the offing?

Common ground on some major political issues and courses of action – that is the briefest description of the consultations ITN (There Is Such a People) held over the weekend with all parties represented in parliament, with the exception of..

27.07.21 11:19 |

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