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Pop singer Georgi Hristov celebrates 40 years on stage with "Two Kisses" and more new tracks

This year Georgi Hristov, one of Bulgarian pop music's most beautiful voices, celebrates 40 years on stage. Those 4 extremely successful decades were filled with awards, concerts on several continents, and about as many as 20 albums. In..

20.05.22 13:09 |

Lubo Kirov launches video to his new song

Less than a month ago, Lubo Kirov presented his third studio album “Tseluni me” (Kiss Me), which includes 11 songs. In addition to the song that gave the title to the whole album, the CD includes a song featuring Stеnli and Hristo Mutafchiev,..

13.05.22 12:43 |

Militsa Gladnishka presents her latest song “You Want”

“You want to know, but you don’t want to read, you want to do, but you don’t want to learn”- this sounds like the dream of every teenager, but in fact is part of the lyrics of Militsa Gladnishka’s latest song “You want”. The unpredictable..

15.02.22 13:37 |

FSB band presents its new song “Hope you are there”

FSB band has released its new song “Hope you are there”. Rumen Boyadzhiev and Konstantin Tsekov, who founded the legendary progressive rock band, wrote the music to this piece. Bulgarian poetess Zhivka Shopova, who wrote the lyrics of..

27.01.22 13:47 |

Pop singer Vasil Petrov releases new song "Winter"

On the eve of the Christmas holidays, jazz and pop singer Vasil Petrov presented his fans with "Winter" - his new song filled with awe and admiration for the earthly deeds of the Creator, which give faith and hope to those who seek Him in their..

23.12.21 15:50 |

Stanley, Lubo Kirov and Hristo Mutafchiev present Where There Is No Time

Famous pop singers Stanley and Lubo Kirov, together with actor Hristo Mutafchiev, presented their song Where There Is No Time at the end of October. The music is by Stanley (Stanislav Slanev), the lyrics are by Lubo Kirov, and the arrangement is..

07.12.21 18:09 |

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