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Kozloduy NPP

Bulgaria ranks third in the EU in terms of the share of nuclear energy: Eurostat

Bulgaria ranks third in the EU in terms of the share of nuclear energy in the country's energy mix. This was announced by Eurostat.  The first is Slovakia with 54%, the second is Hungary with 46% and Bulgaria is third with nuclear energy accounting..

12.01.22 16:29 |
Kozlodyu NPP

Bulgaria calls on Brussels to recognize nuclear power as green source

It is extremely important for Bulgaria that nuclear power be recognized as a tool for achieving the targets of the European Green Deal. It is not in the interest of investors if nuclear energy is recognized only as a temporary instrument, Bulgaria’s..

16.12.21 13:42 |

Unit 6 of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant resumes operation

The planned annual repairs of Unit VI of Kozloduy NPP have been completed five days ahead of schedule. On November 1, at 1.41 am, it joined the country's energy system after an inspection and approval by the Nuclear Regulatory..

01.11.21 11:50 |
President Rumen Radev talking to reporters in Brussels

Bulgaria demands that gas and nuclear energy be recognized as sustainable

“Bulgaria, alongside other countries, including France, will demand that nuclear energy and energy produced from natural gas be recognized, and put on the list of environmentally sustainable economic activities as a matter of urgency,” President Rumen..

21.10.21 18:31 |
EC Vice President Frans Timmermans on visit in Sofia, October 15, 2021

Frans Timmermans in Sofia: The EC is not against nuclear energy and natural gas

I cannot say whether the date 2040 is good for the closure of the Bulgarian coal-fired power plants until we get acquainted with the country's  Recovery Plan . The European Commission has nothing against nuclear energy, but it is more expensive...

15.10.21 11:03 |
European Commission

10 EU countries, Bulgaria included, seek green financing for nuclear energy in EU

France, Bulgaria and another eight EU countries have launched a joint initiative in support of nuclear energy, world media report. It is “absolutely essential that nuclear energy be included in the framework of European taxonomy before the..

11.10.21 13:03 |
Kozloduy NPP

Bulgarian Parliament to decide whether to build Belene NPP

The Bulgarian Parliament will decide whether to build the Belene NPP or use the available equipment to build Unit 7 of the Kozloduy NPP. This was answered by Bulgaria's Minister of Energy Temenuzhka Petkova in Parliament to a parliamentary question..

05.02.21 16:47 |

Nuclear energy should be part of the Green Deal: Bulgarian Atomic Forum

In an open letter to Bulgarian and European institutions the Bulgarian Atomic Forum demands that nuclear energy be included in the EU Green Deal and be given financial support for its development, the Bulgarian news agency BTA reports...

03.11.20 14:59 |

The majority of Bulgarians unfamiliar with Europe's Green Deal

The future of nuclear energy in Bulgaria will be the topic of an online discussion organized by the Bulgarian Atomic Forum . Specialists from other energy and business organizations will take part. The starting point for the discussion are the..

03.11.20 09:29 |

New 2,000 MW nuclear plant is among Bulgaria's priorities until 2030

The construction of new 2,000 MW nuclear power plant has been planned.Together with the operation of Units №5 and №6 of Kozloduy NPP, the new capacity will contribute to the energy security of the country and the region. This is written in a project part..

12.08.20 12:49 |
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