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Bulgarian Minister of Energy discusses conditions for supply of French nuclear fuel

Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov has met in Paris with the management of the French energy companies Framatome and EDF. The main topic of the talks was cooperation in the nuclear energy sphere. The terms for delivery of French nuclear..

13.03.23 15:24 |
Kozloduy NPP

EU Member States, including Bulgaria, create Nuclear Energy Alliance

Ten European Union countries, including Bulgaria, have agreed to create an Alliance for Nuclear Energy , although Germany and Austria oppose its categorisation as climate-friendly.  This was stated by the ten member states in a joint statement..

28.02.23 17:31 |

Bulgaria cannot afford European sanctions against Russia in nuclear energy sphere

Bulgaria cannot accept possible European sanctions against Russia in the field of nuclear energy, because they will directly affect the country’s energy sector. Before the extraordinary meeting of the European Council, which is..

09.02.23 12:38 |
Rosen Hristov

Bulgaria should explicitly decide whether to have new nuclear capacity

Bulgaria must decide whether it will develop nuclear energy , interim Energy Minister Rosen Hristov told BNR.  A National Strategy for the next 30 years will be presented for discussion to trade unions, businesses and MPs at a round table on 17..

15.01.23 14:37 |
Ivaylo Shopski

Steering committee initiates petition for referendum on Bulgaria’s Eurozone membership

A steering committee has started a petition for a referendum on the preservation of the Bulgarian Lev, the organizers said at a press conference at the BTA. "We are here to prevent this national cause from being privatised by one..

10.01.23 13:17 |

Bulgaria joins IAEA Board of Governors

Bulgaria was elected as a member of the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency for the period 2022-2024, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported. Bulgaria received the right to vote in the main political body that makes key..

29.09.22 18:51 |
outgoing Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov

Bulgaria's outgoing cabinet terminates the memorandum with Gemcorp

Bulgaria’s outgoing Minister of Energy Alexander Nikolov has notified Gemcorp Holdings Ltd and IP3 of the termination, by mutual consent, of the non-binding memorandum of understanding that was signed between Bulgaria and the two companies on..

28.07.22 16:28 |

Bulgaria and Greece in negotiations over construction of new nuclear power plant

Bulgaria is negotiating with Greece to build a new nuclear power plant on Bulgarian territory. It will also be used by neighbouring countries under a long-term 20-year contract . It is being specified where it will be built, Deputy Prime Minister and..

28.02.22 11:07 |
Kozloduy NPP

Bulgaria ranks third in the EU in terms of the share of nuclear energy: Eurostat

Bulgaria ranks third in the EU in terms of the share of nuclear energy in the country's energy mix. This was announced by Eurostat.  The first is Slovakia with 54%, the second is Hungary with 46% and Bulgaria is third with nuclear energy accounting..

12.01.22 16:29 |
Kozlodyu NPP

Bulgaria calls on Brussels to recognize nuclear power as green source

It is extremely important for Bulgaria that nuclear power be recognized as a tool for achieving the targets of the European Green Deal. It is not in the interest of investors if nuclear energy is recognized only as a temporary instrument, Bulgaria’s..

16.12.21 13:42 |
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