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Trade union calls for mass vaccination before the new Covid-19 wave

All workers, employees and citizens of the country should be vaccinated to protect themselves, their loved ones and their workplace. This is what CITUB, one of the two major unions in the country, appealed to in an open letter. CITUB noted that the..

12.08.21 16:16 |

Director Galin Stoev: Model of statehood in our country is wrong

He is a Bulgarian in France, but he is not just an actor on a foreign stage as he is actually the head of the National Theater in Toulouse. Bulgarian director Galin Stoev has been holding the prestigious position for three years now. As soon as..

28.08.20 12:52 |

"At what point of your journey did you lose Bulgaria?"

"Bulgaria has woken up and citizens have come out to protest against mafia and the oligarchy, but why has Europe not woken up yet?" - this is what protesters at the Eagles' Bridge in Sofia ask. For the second month in a row they have been calling for the..

24.08.20 16:49 |
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