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Chaenomeles, aronia or quince juice - why is it not easy to be an organic producer in Bulgaria

If you visit farmer's markets in Bulgaria, you will be impressed by the incredible variety of typical Bulgarian organic products. The spectrum is wide - from natural cosmetics and drinks, to organic foods and even medicinal preparations based on folk..

16.11.22 14:55 |

"Green School 2022" directs young people in Bulgaria to a better quality of life

An introductory online lecture on March 12 opened the "Green School 2022", which will last until May. The initiative, which is aimed at young people between the ages of 18 and 35, is part of the FoodWave project and is implemented with the support of..

12.03.22 16:10 |

How Jonathan Middendorf develops organic farming in Bulgaria

He is a German from Hanover, but he lives in the village of Nikolovo near Bulgaria’s Ruse. It is here that he started a family and a business growing herbs and walnut saplings, while his over 20 types of essential oils enjoy great interest..

05.12.21 09:10 |

Organic saffron by the sea – a mission difficult though not impossible

When spring comes it comes with the delicate petals of saffron, and by autumn it has become a product whose weight is worth more than gold. Saffron is “the spice of life” for the family of artist Katya Ivanova. She is from Kyustendil..

16.06.21 11:15 |

Bulgaria’s Catherine Tsanev chooses farming life over a career at the UN

Her great-grandfather was once the mayor of the village of Todorovo near Bulgaria’s Pleven, and today the cosmopolitan heiress of the family has abandoned a prestigious career to return there . Born to a German mother and a Bulgarian father,..

26.03.21 10:05 |

Organic farming areas in Bulgaria decline

Bulgaria remains at the bottom of the European chart of organic farming areas, according to Eurostat data. Areas used for organic production have decreased by 27% for the past four years. Only three island nations are behind..

28.01.21 14:03 |

Bulgaria to receive over EUR 880 million under Rural Development Programme

Over EUR 880million will be allocated to Bulgaria under the Rural Development Programme over the next two years, this country’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry announced. The financing can be used through investment and compensatory..

28.12.20 14:17 |

From the family gardens to world markets

The producers of rose oil from their own gardens near the town of Panagyurishte – the Ralchevs – lift the curtain on what exactly goes on at an organic farm and how the plants are grown. When the family’s heir, Vasil, developed his marketing..

04.06.20 14:25 |
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