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MPs Hristo Ivanov and Iva Miteva

Ruling coalition in disagreement over return of paper ballots in elections

The partners in the ruling coalition cannot agree on the return of the paper ballots , it became clear after their meeting. Yesterday, the Bulgarian Socialist Party submitted this proposal to the office of the National Assembly.  "We, ITN party,..

12.04.22 17:18 |

Logistical difficulties arise for November 21 election in the US, Australia and New Zealand

Ballots for the presidential election may arrive in a number of American cities late, Bulgarians from the United States have warned. Signals have been filed from Indianapolis, Houston, Boston, Portland and other cities where there are problems with the..

18.11.21 09:23 |

Maria Tsvetkova from Basel, Switzerland: "There is hope this time"

Bulgarians in Switzerland vote for president and for National Assembly in 12 polling stations across the country. In Basel, the election day continues normally , Bulgarian Maria Tsvetkova has reported . For many years she has been living in the..

14.11.21 18:41 |

Media in North Macedonia are following the two-in-one elections in Bulgaria closely

The media in North Macedonia are following the elections in Bulgaria very closely, North Macedonia’s journalist Vladimir Perev told Radio Bulgaria of the BNR. In his words, the media in this country are waiting for the election results and..

14.11.21 16:55 |

Voting by paper ballots in 56 polling stations due to voting machine problems

Problems with voting machines have been reported in different places on election day. Following a decision adopted by this country’s Central Election Commission, voting by paper ballots takes place in 56 polling stations  due to  voting machine..

11.07.21 11:44 |

Historical features of election process in Bulgaria

The election roulette is spinning once again. Bulgarian citizens are electing MPs for the 46th National Assembly. The democratic election process in this country has its own lasting traditions. As early as 1879, shortly after its Liberation,..

11.07.21 06:00 |
Tzvetozar Tomov

Tsvetozar Tomov: Electoral fraud schemes are not applicable to machine voting

Electoral fraud schemes are not applicable to machine voting, said the S pokesperson of Bulgaria’s Central Election Commission Tsvetozar Tomov in an interview for Bulgaria ON AIR. "Fraudsters must come up with something new. They are not..

07.07.21 14:30 |

Central Election Commission to print paper ballots for 11 July election

Despite the mandatory machine vote, the Central Election Commission (CEC) has issued a call to tender for the printing and delivery of paper ballots for the parliamentary elections on 11 July. The procedure, based on the public procurement act..

18.06.21 12:19 |

Non-Parliamentary political parties determined to ensure fair and secure elections

Opposition and non-Parliamentary political parties in Bulgaria raised serious concerns about the fairness of the forthcoming early or regular elections for 45 th National Assembly. According to the latest amendments to the Election Code, the..

28.10.20 14:29 |

National Assembly overturns President Radev’s veto on Election Code

Bulgaria ’s National Assembly overturned President Radev’s veto on provisions in the bill of amendments to the Election Code. 124 MP voted in favor and 98 MPs from the Bulgarian Socialist Party and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms voted against...

08.10.20 13:12 |
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