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Bulgaria in pictures: Golden autumn in Sofia

The city’s Southern Park attracts both young and old during sunny autumn days. Photos: Ani Petrova

20.10.21 16:50 |

Bulgaria in pictures: The Lake in Sofia's Druzhba district

The lake in Sofia's Druzhba district is the largest reservoir in the residential areas of Bulgaria's capital city. The lake was formed after 1970 by groundwater during excavations.  Over the years, the terrain was improved, the..

11.09.21 15:36 |

Sofia will also have its own Food Park

The first Food Park in Bulgaria opens in the capital city of Sofia in June and will be named Quartal . The concept of the place is for visitors to have a wide choice of different foods and drinks, as well as access to diverse cultural program -..

16.06.20 14:34 |

Vitosha Mountain near Sofia becoming more tourist-friendly

There are 100 sports events in the calendar of Sofia this year, as 20 of them will be held on the territory of Vitosha Nature Park. For this purpose, Sofia Municipality begins renovation of the tourist infrastructure and access to the mountain.  This..

13.06.20 06:15 |
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