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Same six formations enter next parliament: Gallup International Balkan

If parliamentary elections were to be held today the same six political formations would enter the National Assembly as did after the parliamentary elections on 4 April , a Gallup International Balkan survey shows. GERB would again be first..

19.05.21 17:10 |
President Rumen Radev

President Radev dissolves parliament today and sets date for parliamentary elections

President Rumen Radev is expected to issue a decree today dissolving parliament and appointing a new Central Election Commission and a caretaker government which will have the task of organizing early elections. The caretaker cabinet is..

11.05.21 05:05 |

MPs fail to approve parliament’s daily programme

Ten minutes after the start of today’s sitting, the National Assembly failed to approve its weekly programme. The MPs were supposed to discuss amendments to the Political Parties Act and to the Election Code. 86 members of parliament voted “for”..

28.04.21 10:22 |

Once a month, the prime minister will have to report to parliament

Every first Thursday of the month, the prime minister and deputy prime ministers will have to appear in parliament and answer current questions related to the government's general policy. This is stated in the amendments to the Rules of Procedure of the..

22.04.21 19:18 |
Parliament building

Parliament imposes moratorium on government deals and appointments

The National Assembly has imposed a moratorium on deals and appointments by the outgoing government until the end of its term of office. All parties with the exception of GERB voted in favour of restricting the powers of the Council of..

22.04.21 12:57 |
Prof. Kostadin Angelov

Parties criticize dissolution of Operational Headquarters for combating Covid-19

MPs of Democratic Bulgaria, “Stand Up! Thugs Out!” , “There Is Such a People” and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms criticized the dissolution of the Operational Headquarters for combating Covid-19 by the..

16.04.21 12:41 |

Six parties enter Bulgaria's new parliament

Six political parties will enter the 45th Bulgarian National Assembly , according to the data in 100% of the processed voting protocols by Bulgaria's Central Election Commission.  GERB/SDS - 26,18% "There Is Sucha People" (ITN) - 17,66% BSP..

06.04.21 17:00 |

Gallup: How are seats in new parliament to be distributed?

If the counting of ballots confirmed data from the exit poll conducted by Gallup polling agency, a partner of the Bulgarian National Radio for the elections, the mandates in the future parliament would be distributed as follows:..

04.04.21 20:51 |

Names of new MPs to become clear on 11 April

On election night the section election commissions will process more than 10.4 million numbers. There are more than 400 numbers in each tally sheet. By law the tally sheets have to be ready no later than 24 hours after the end of voting. The..

04.04.21 18:09 |
Presdient Rumen Radev casts his vote

President Radev: The elections should have taken place last year, I expect a stable parliament

Vice President Iliana Yotova: I voted for a return to statehood “We, Bulgarians are taking our fate into our own hands, and these elections will be the first step towards normalcy, towards a return to laws and rules, towards unleashing the..

04.04.21 14:43 |
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