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Bujar Osmani

Bujar Osmani: The document approved by the Bulgarian parliament will block the European process for a long time to come

The Foreign Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia Bujar Osmani stated that today’s vote by Bulgarian parliament for lifting the veto on his country is going to paralyze the goodneighbour agreement with Bulgaria. National Assembly..

24.06.22 14:43 |

PM Kiril Petkov to submit the government’s resignation on Monday

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Kiril Petkov who is participating at the EU-Western Balkans summit in Brussels announced that he will resign on Monday morning. Thus, the country’s head of state can begin consultations with the parliamentary groups..

23.06.22 17:36 |
PM Kiril Petkov, Brussels, 23 June, 2022

PM Kiril Petkov lambasts President Radev and opposition over North Macedonia

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov is not going to announce a lifting of the veto on North Macedonia before the National Assembly has had its say on the matter. This was announced by the Prime Minister himself in Brussels, where he is attending the..

23.06.22 14:37 |
Plamen Abrovsky

9% VAT on oil and zero VAT on bread proposed by Parliament Agriculture Committee

Value added tax (VAT) on sunflower oil, fruit and vegetables to be reduced to 9% for a year from 1 July i s the proposal of Parliament Agriculture Committee Chairman Plamen Abrovsky and his fellow members of There Is Such a People party.  EUR..

22.06.22 15:39 |
President Rumen Radev

President Rumen Radev calls on the parties represented in parliament to show responsibility

If the work of institutions and parliament is hampered, elections are inevitable but they should come only as a last resort, Bulgaria's President Rumen Radev told a press briefing after the Three Seas Initiative summit in Latvia.  The parties..

20.06.22 18:15 |
PM Kiril Petkov

PM Kiril Petkov: We want to put an end to the rule of behind-the-scenes puppetmasters

PM Kiril Petkov is still looking for support from MPs for the upcoming vote of no confidence in his government. Opposition submits no-confidence motion in government to National Assembly Talking to reporters he stated that his party,..

18.06.22 13:35 |
Kiril Simeonov

Tensions in parliament run high, one more ITN MP leaves party

As the National Assembly started its work today, tensions immediately started running high. Ugly scenes followed a declaration read out by the leader of the nationalist Vazrazdahe party Kostadin Kostadinov , who called the supporters of the..

17.06.22 11:04 |

Parliament approves budget update at first reading

The MPs approved, at first reading, the update of the state budget. As of 1 July a differentiated VAT rate is being put in place – for bread VAT will be zero, for natural gas supplies – 9% instead of the current 20%. VAT on wine and beer served at..

17.06.22 09:58 |

ITN leader Slavi Trifonov denies having any agreements with the opposition

Speaking about recent comments about a new majority in parliament, leader of “There is Such a People” (ITN) Slavi Trifonov wrote in his Facebook account that there was no coalition between his party, GERB and MRF. Trifonov added that the ousting..

16.06.22 19:17 |
Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodora Genchovska.

Bulgarian National Assembly discusses policy towards North Macedonia

During a parliamentary hearing, Minister of Foreign Affairs Teodora Genchovska said that Prime Minister Kiril Petkov had proposed an overhaul of Bulgaria's Framework Position on North Macedonia. "It gave the impression that Bulgaria..

15.06.22 12:35 |

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