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President Rumen Radev: Presidential and parliamentary elections will be held on November 14

The presidential and parliamentary elections will be held simultaneously on November 14, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev announced in Pleve n. "This will save both money in the treasury and people's time," he said.  The head of state stated that he..

11.09.21 12:55 |

Bulgaria's Central Electoral Commission is preparing for 2-in-1 election

Bulgaria's Central Election Commission is examining the possibility of a 2-in-1 vote if the presidential and parliamentary elections are held on the same date in November. President Rumen Radev has already announced that he will seek a "rational..

04.09.21 16:43 |
Димитър Аврамов

In Bulgaria there is no political crisis but a crisis of strong party personalities

A second Bulgarian parliament will fail to elect a legitimate government, and the country will face parliamentary elections for the third time in a year. This entanglement in political stalemate has provoked the conclusion of many analysts that..

02.09.21 11:56 |

The voting abroad was crucial for the final results of the election

The 11 July snap election is now history but analyses of the election results still dominate the media. In anticipation of the official constitution of the 46 th National Assembly, we take a rather different view and analyze the way our..

15.07.21 13:26 |
Bulgarian Parliament building

The protest parties will have 112 deputies in the 46th parliament

With 100% of the results of the July 11 elections processed, the first political force in the new 46th parliament is "There is such a people" party (ITN) . With 24.8% of the vote, it receives 65 seats in Parliament. Second is the GERB-SDS coalition..

14.07.21 12:59 |

Rumiana Pavlova: The future government must have the courage to eradicate corruption structures

Democratic Bulgaria coalition earned the highest number of votes in the state of Massachusetts located in New England, USA. 278 people supported Democratic Bulgaria and 267 Bulgarians voted for There is Such a People party (ITN). The..

13.07.21 15:59 |

We voted for change, but what kind of change?

People in Bulgaria are still trying to find their way to change, the results of the early parliamentary election on 11 July show. That is why the question we asked all people we talked of on election day was: How must Bulgaria change after..

12.07.21 13:54 |

Petar Todorov from France: A government "at any cost" cannot produce reforms

"I voted with the clear awareness that we will never choose the perfect government, but I think that when a person has exercised their right to grass, they can then hold the new government accountable. I hope I voted for the lesser evil!” Petar..

12.07.21 12:30 |
Krassimir Karakachanov

The "Bulgarian Patriots" remain silent until the official results

The coalition "Bulgarian Patriots" /VMRO, VOLIA and NFSB/ remain silent about the results of the vote . MEP and leader of the list in Varna, Angel Dzhambazki, said: "Our decision is not to comment, not to condemn, not to make statements before the..

11.07.21 21:53 |

Bulgarians in Quebec are traditionally very active in elections

"I am proud of the Bulgarians as I see them today. I think they are trying to take their destiny into their own hands. It is by no means easy. But my deep inner feeling from the last two or three years during which I return to Bulgaria, is..

11.07.21 21:18 |
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