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6 political parties to enter the new parliament: Market Links poll

If the elections were held today, GERB-SDS would receive 19.7% of the vote, and ITN party - 18.8%. This is shown by the data from a jointly funded and conducted survey of bTV and Market Links agency.  The poll was conducted from June 18 to 25 using..

05.07.21 11:17 |
Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov

Interior Minister: Bulgaria's police acts against vote buying for July 11 elections

In Plovdiv, votes have been purchased on behalf of the GERB party. This was stated to the BNR's Horizon channel by caretaker Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov. As proof, he pointed to a business card found by a GERB MP in the previous parliament, but did..

05.07.21 10:26 |
Rositsa Mateva

Holidaymakers in Bulgaria will not be able to vote in July 11 parliamentary elections

People who will be on holiday in the country on July 11 and do not have a registered current address in the town where they are spending their vacation will not be able to vote , the Central Election Commission decided. The reason is that there is no..

24.06.21 13:35 |

6 political parties to enter the new parliament: Trend agency

Three weeks before the parliamentary elections, GERB-SDS and ITN have only 1.5% difference in their expected results , according to a nationally representative poll of Trend Agency conducted from June 11th to 18th commissioned by 24 Chasa daily...

22.06.21 09:57 |
Bulgarians waiting to vote in London at April 4 parliamentary elections

Bulgarians abroad will be able to vote in more polling stations

Bulgarians living abroad will be able to vote in 791 polling stations in the July 11 parliamentary elections . This was decided by the Central Election Commission.  The highest number of polling stations outside Bulgaria will be opened in the..

19.06.21 16:20 |

Votes by Bulgarian diaspora add value to elections in the country

A record number of polling stations abroad – 750 - are to be set up for the upcoming elections for parliament on 11 July. Though the Bulgarian community abroad have been casting their votes in other countries for 30 years this right of theirs..

17.06.21 14:35 |

Bulgarian citizens with expired ID documents will also be able to vote

Voters whose identity documents have expired after March 13, 2020, will be able to exercise their right to vote with them in the July 11 early parliamentary elections , Bulgaria's Central Election Commission decided. As in the previous parliamentary..

17.06.21 10:40 |

Fewer applications but more polling stations abroad for 11 July election

One day before the deadline expires for submitting applications for voting abroad – 15 June – more than 55,000 applications had been submitted. It is hardly likely that after today – the last day – their number will reach 87,216, the number..

15.06.21 12:32 |

Are there conditions for higher voter turnout on July 11?

The regular parliamentary elections in Bulgaria in April were held in the midst of the third coronavirus wave that hit the country. Organization of the election process was complex and voter turnout barely rose above 50%. Now the situation in..

15.06.21 09:55 |

At least 2 voting machines will be needed in 700 polling stations

The upcoming parliamentary elections on July 11 will cost approximately 7.8 m euros, along with the delivery of another 1,500 voting machines, Central Election Commission Chairwoman Kamelia Neykova told BNT. The machines already delivered are still..

28.05.21 11:11 |

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