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Boyko Borissov will nominate a pro-European and pro-NATO prime minister

"I will not be a candidate for prime minister in the new cabinet, which will be proposed by GERB". This was stated in Veliko Tarnovo by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, when asked by BNR. "It may sound immodest, but today there is no better prepared..

14.04.21 13:07 |

Anti-system vote from abroad may become durable tendency

Democratic Bulgaria and ITN (There Is Such a People), the party of showman and TV personality Slavi Trifonov are the two parties with the best result from the voting by Bulgarians abroad. According to the final results Slavi Trifonov gets..

07.04.21 14:08 |

Six parties enter Bulgaria's new parliament

Six political parties will enter the 45th Bulgarian National Assembly , according to the data in 100% of the processed voting protocols by Bulgaria's Central Election Commission.  GERB/SDS - 26,18% "There Is Sucha People" (ITN) - 17,66% BSP..

06.04.21 17:00 |

Economic stakes of the parties in the future parliament

With their vote at the parliamentary elections Bulgarians demonstrated they want a fundamental change in governance. For close to one year the protests in the streets and squares showed they want an end to the current political tendencies on which..

06.04.21 11:44 |

Parliamentary elections give rise to questions instead of finding solutions

So where do we go from here? Political scientists and analysts reflect on this question after the Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria held on April 4. According to all preliminary forecasts, this year’s general elections were going to be unusual..

05.04.21 17:13 |
People waiting in line to vote in front of Bulgarian embassy in London

Slavi Trifonov's There Is Such a People party wins the vote of Bulgarians abroad

The political party of Bulgarian TV personality and host Slavi Trifonov, “There Is Such a People” (Ima takav narod ITN) has convincingly won the majority of votes of Bulgarian citizens who voted abroad.  According to the data on the website of..

05.04.21 16:04 |

6 political parties to enter the new Bulgarian Parliament

6 political parties are sure to enter the new Bulgarian parliament, according to the parallel vote tabulation of Gallup International with 100% of the Gallup representative sample. The GERB-SDS coalition won the parliamentary elections with..

05.04.21 12:32 |
Фили Ладжман

Bulgarians living abroad voted for a system reboot

Radio Bulgaria conducted a vox pop with Bulgarians voting abroad, and asked them what kind of Bulgaria they expect to see after the elections for parliament on 4 April. ​Filli Ladgman has lived in Melbourne, Australia for..

05.04.21 12:07 |

PM Boyko Borissov offers forming government of experts

Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borissov called for consolidation and stability in his first comment on the results of the parliamentary elections late last night. In a statement in his Facebook account, Borissov demanded the creation of a government..

05.04.21 07:59 |

Machine voting available in 9,390 polling stations

With a total of just over 11,000 polling stations in the country, 9,390 provide the choice of machine voting. The ballot on the screen is on three pages. There are also three voting cards in each station that activate the process...

04.04.21 09:55 |
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