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Authorities check for illegal voting

According to law, the Department Civil Registration and Administrative Services at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works will check all voters in the country and abroad to determine whether there are people present on..

04.04.21 08:55 |

Bulgaria votes

Today Bulgaria elects its 45th National Assembly. This is the eleventh parliamentary election after the beginning of the democratic changes in the country in 1989. The first democratic vote in Bulgaria’s recent history was for Grand National..

04.04.21 08:05 |

Day of election silence before vote in Bulgaria

Saturday is the day of silence before the elections in Bulgaria. Political campaigning is absolutely forbidden 24 hours before election day and on election day itself. In addition to forbidden political campaigning, the law does not..

03.04.21 07:00 |

Alpha Research: 6 or 7 political parties will enter the next parliament

6 to 7 parties can cross the 4% threshold but no political force will be close to a parliamentary majority. This is indicated by a survey of the sociological agency "Alpha Research", conducted with its own funds, in the run-up to the parliamentary..

01.04.21 09:53 |

Certification of voting machines completed

The certification of the voting machines which will be used in the April 4 parliamentary elections in Bulgaria has been completed on time, the E-Government Agency announced. Three state institutions - the state agency "Electronic Government", the..

01.04.21 09:46 |

Important topics are missing from the election campaign in Bulgaria

Political analysts describe the election campaign in Bulgaria as sluggish and boring. The parties and coalitions are running an election campaign, as if there were no protests in Bulgaria and no problems exist in this country, said in an..

31.03.21 15:21 |

28.5% of Bulgarian voters prefer machine voting: Exacta research

28.5% of Bulgarians who will vote in the April 4 parliamentary elections prefer machine voting , indicates a survey conducted by Exacta Research Group between March 12 to March 20.  These are mostly voters under the age of 40, university graduates and..

30.03.21 19:53 |

Citizens take part in trial machine voting in central Sofia

The Public Council of the Central Election Commission (CEC) organized a demonstration of trial machine voting in front of the National Assembly building. The demonstrations were held with the assistance of the National Assembly, the supplier of the..

30.03.21 17:31 |
Polling station in the 1920s

Voting in Bulgaria was not born yesterday - Part II

After the country’s liberation in 1878, modern and democratic norms of universal suffrage were enshrined in Bulgaria’s first constitution – the Turnovo constitution. Up until World War I the MPs were elected according to the majority voting system...

30.03.21 15:11 |

Bulgarians abroad will vote in a record high number of polling stations for April 4 elections

Bulgaria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened a record number of polling stations abroad - 465, despite the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and existing restrictions in various countries. This was announced at a briefing by the..

29.03.21 19:42 |
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