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Covid-19 surge on eve of parliamentary elections could play a nasty trick on political parties

Will the candidates for the new parliament be able to get the better of the most powerful player at these elections – the coronavirus epidemic and model voter attitudes in their own favour? A question even sociologists and..

29.03.21 15:19 |

What motivates Bulgarians in Chicago to vote?

The applications for participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections submitted by Bulgarians in the United States to Bulgaria’s Central Election Commission are 5,030. A total of 35 polling stations will be opened in the USA,..

29.03.21 12:25 |

CEC: Deadline for announcing the election results will be met

The four-day deadline for announcing the final results of the parliamentary elections in Bulgaria will not be violated. This was stated to the BNR by th e spokesman of the Central Election Commission Dimitar Dimitrov, specifying that this will happen..

28.03.21 15:31 |

OSCE observers are monitoring preparations for April 4 elections in Bulgaria

Bulgaria's Deputy Chief Prosecutor Daniela Masheva and officials from the prosecutor's office met today with Elena Kovalyova and Dragan Zelić of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe - OSCE . They are part of the OSCE mission to..

26.03.21 19:02 |

Bulgarians in Belgium, Luxembourg with more polling stations for upcoming elections

An additional three sections, or a total of 11, have been opened in Belgium for voting of Bulgarian citizens in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Bulgaria on April 4.   In Luxembourg, 2 sections will be opened for the first time.   There will..

22.03.21 14:58 |

Bulgarians abroad will be able to vote in 69 countries in upcoming elections

Bulgaria's Central Election Commission (CEC) has determined the places in 69 countries where there will be polling stations Bulgaria for voting in the upcoming parliamentary elections on April 4. According to the foreign ministry, there will..

15.03.21 11:18 |
Alexander Kolarov

Yong Bulgarians expect concrete ideas from politicians

“Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. These words sound like a cliché to many of us, but the return to the 1990’s is quite useful on the eve of the upcoming Parliamentary elections when Bulgarians are to decide to whom..

12.03.21 14:30 |

Bulgaria opens record-high number of polling stations abroad for upcoming general elections

Bulgarians abroad show a huge interest in the forthcoming Parliamentary elections, which raises the questions how to organize elections amidst the coronavirus pandemic and how to guarantee the voting rights of each Bulgarian citizen...

11.03.21 13:03 |
Безплатна телефонна линия

New hotline opened for reporting violations related to the elections

As of March 8, a 24-hour telephone line and an e-mail for reporting signals related to the elections will start functioning, Chief Commissioner Nikolay Hadzhiev, Director of Chief Directorate of National Police.  These signals will be processed in..

08.03.21 07:15 |

Voting machines for upcoming elections in Bulgaria strictly guarded

Voting machines for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Bulgaria are stored in a warehouse guarded by the gendarmerie as access to the premises is controlled. In connection with the doubts expressed by politicians that there are people with criminal..

07.03.21 13:46 |
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