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MRF will not support political revanchism and hatred

MRF is a party with experience, a direct participant in the longest negotiations to form a government when the stake was clear - Bulgaria's membership in the EU. This is what President Rumen Radev said at the consultations on forming..

02.11.22 14:09 |

Parliamentary forces have not reached common decision on anti-crisis measures

GERB-SDS, "We Continue the Change", MRF and "BSP for Bulgaria" parties have united around the assessment that the situation in Europe and in Bulgaria is difficult and measures to support businesses and people must continue. They said..

17.10.22 17:17 |

Is there anyone willing to shoulder the responsibility of governing Bulgaria?

The election for parliament has come and gone, but the political future of the country remains unclear. This week President Rumen Radev is expected to announce the date for the convocation of the 48 th National Assembly. And the big question..

10.10.22 13:48 |

Bulgarians in the country and abroad elect a new parliament

Polling day, on which Bulgarians are electing 240 men and women to represent them in the 48 th National Assembly, started at 7.00 AM. This is the 4 th election for parliament held in the country in the past 18 months. 22 parties and 6..

02.10.22 07:15 |
Voting machine

Lots to be drawn today for ballot numbers for parliamentary election on 2 October

The numbers under which the parties and coalitions will be put down on the ballots for the upcoming election for parliament on 2 October will become clear today, 31 August. Lots will be drawn for the numbers in public, a procedure..

31.08.22 07:10 |

"We Continue the Change" will not form coalition with "Democratic Bulgaria" before the elections

"We Continue the Change" will go to the elections independently and will not enter into a coalition with "Democratic Bulgaria", bTV reported, quoting on its sources. Earlier today, the co-chairman of Democratic Bulgaria, Atanas Atanasov, told BNR..

18.08.22 19:26 |
Central Electoral Commission

24 parties and 7 coalitions register for participation in parliamentary election on 2 October

24 parties and 7 coalitions submitted applications, to the Central Electoral Commission, CIC, for registration for participation in the election for parliament on 2 October, 2022, as of 5 PM today, the registration deadline. The CIC is to check..

17.08.22 18:28 |
Kiril Petkov

Coalition agreement expected to be signed by end of the day

The coalition agreement will be signed by the end of the day, co-chair of "We Continue the Change" Kiril Petkov said in parliament. A meeting of the BSP National Council is expected to end in order to see that the party is..

10.12.21 13:46 |

Presidential consultations on forming new government continue

President Rumen Radev continues political consultations with parliamentary groups in the 47th National Assembly before handing over the first exploratory mandate for government formation. On December 7, the first to meet..

07.12.21 15:26 |

6 political parties to enter new parliament: surveys

Before the start of the official campaign for the regular presidential and early parliamentary elections on November 14, two agencies have published their surveys. According to the own-funded polls by the Centre for Analysis and Marketing and Exacta,..

14.10.21 12:27 |

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