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ITN Party

ITN to seek support from parties of change

"There is Such a People" (ITN) have changed their position and party announced that before presenting its new proposal for a government, they would consult formations from which they could receive support. The news was reported by Ivaylo Valchev..

20.07.21 19:08 |
Caretaker PM Stefan Yanev

The election results are authentic, caretaker PM Stefan Yanev says

“The election results are authentic and reflect the votes cast, as it should be in a democracy,” Prime Minister Stefan Yanev stated at today’s cabinet meeting. “We ascertained an extremely low voter turnout, unfortunately, the fact that the..

14.07.21 11:30 |

One more election campaign kicks off in Bulgaria

As of today the election campaign is officially on in Bulgaria, after none of the parties from the previous, 45 th National Assembly, the elections for which took place on 4 April this year, were able to form a cabinet. The new elections are..

11.06.21 12:25 |
Central Election Commission

Ballot numbers for 11 July parliamentary elections drawn by lot

The numbers of the parties and coalitions on the ballot for the parliamentary elections on 11 July were drawn by lot at the Central Election Commission. GERB-SDS will be taking part in the snap election under number 5. Bulgarian Socialist..

09.06.21 13:48 |
Prof. Kostadin Angelov

Parties criticize dissolution of Operational Headquarters for combating Covid-19

MPs of Democratic Bulgaria, “Stand Up! Thugs Out!” , “There Is Such a People” and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms criticized the dissolution of the Operational Headquarters for combating Covid-19 by the..

16.04.21 12:41 |

“There Is Such a People” receives support of young citizens, GERB - of middle-aged, BSP - of elderly

Most of GERB's voters - 62%, are in the age group 31-60 years, while nearly 50% of the BSP electorate is over 60 years old. 33% of the supporters of the party “There Is Such a People” are under 30. This was reported by BNR’s..

05.04.21 19:36 |

Gallup: GERB-SDS wins parliamentary elections in Bulgaria

Results of the exit polls by Gallup polling agency, partner of the Bulgarian National Radio, show that voter turnout by the end of election day at 20:00 was 48.1%. Data show the following distribution of votes after the parliamentary..

04.04.21 21:10 |

Ruling parties have spent more money on advertising

Participants in the upcoming parliamentary elections have spent more than 2 million euros on media coverage, according to the Institute for Public Environment Development. The parties part of the Volya-NFSB coalition have..

02.04.21 14:07 |

Trend Agency: GERB holds 4.8 percent lead over BSP before elections

Five political formations will most surely enter the next parliament and 2 are near the threshold.   This is what a survey by sociological agency "Trend" commissioned by "24 Chasa" newspaper and conducted in the period February..

26.02.21 10:01 |

Protest organisers submit documents for participation in elections

The civil platform "Stand Up.BG" and the "Poisonous Trio" - organizers of the civic protests, lasting for more than 200 days, have submitted documents to the Central Election Commission for participation in the upcoming..

09.02.21 12:05 |
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